Wednesday, October 28, 2015

[Korean Poem] Unable to Forget

Korean Poem 
of Sowol Kim
<Unable to Forget>

Kim Sowol (1902 - 1934)

You may remember, unable to forget:
yet live a lifetime, remember or forget, 
For you will have a day when you will come to forget.

You may remember, unable to forget:
Let your years flow by, remember or forget, 
For once in a while, you will forget.

On the other hand it may be:
'How could you forget
What you can never forget?'

Sowol Kim (1902 ~ 1934) is a Korean poet. 
He is most famous for his contributions to early modern Korean poetry.
Throughout his life he wrote his beautifully poignant poetry in a style reminiscent of traditional Korean folk songs. 
"Azaleas flower" is one of his most famous poems. Its melancholy themes of departure and loss reminds one of the folk song Arirang. Because he used the music and tone of folk songs he became known as a "Folk Song Poet."

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