Tuesday, October 20, 2015

[HWPL News] International Interfaith Peace Dialogue

[HWPL News] 
International Interfaith 
Peace Dialogue

Interfaith Peace Dialogue: Bringing Harmony, Unity & Peace

MITV – Interfaith Peace Dialogue: Bringing Harmony, Unity & Peace by HWPL [Heavenly Culture World Peace, Restoration of Light]

An international peace organization Heavenly Culture World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) organized the interfaith dialogue, Sunday. The representatives from four religions discussed their points of views at the event.

The purpose of this event is to bring harmony and look for unity among all religions through understanding the standards of each religion and comparing scriptures.

Coordinator, HWPL, Ji Young Moo: “We can understand other religions base on the scripture so every we have peace dialogue. I think religious conflicts are around the world nowadays. We try to make to the people understand and not to misunderstand base on the scriptures. Our peace dialogue is comparing and analyzing each script even though we have different religions.”

One of the religious leaders said all the religions base on passion, forgiveness and peacefulness.

Professor, ITBMU, Dr. Ashin Dhammapiya: “Every religion has their own value and own the golden rule support. I believe every religion will encourage people to care other people, help companion, and also appreciation. So that we need to educate them, we need to understand them and we need to whatever their ability, whatever their action, whatever their attitude we should appreciate each other so that the people can live together in the peaceful world”.

The event hope to understand and respect more all religions among each other and to have peace.

President, Islamic Religious Affairs Council, Nyunt Maung Shein: The teachings of all religions pave the way to peacefulness. We need to do peace dialogue to solve the problems in the conflicts.  Some people are extreme in religion. We discuss  the common ground scriptures of all religious to achieve peace and we hope to stop violence all over the world.

Member of various religious come together and exchanged the true meaning and teaching of religion in this 5th HWPL World Alliance of Religions peace dialogue.

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