Thursday, September 10, 2015

WARP, World Alliance of Religions’ Peace

WARP, World Alliance 
of Religions’ Peace 

 Statement of WARP Intent 

What is "WARP"?

WARP is the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit 

While it may, in most cases be too simplistic to say that ideological differences based on religion or culture are the cause of war in our world today, it is not too much to say that these differences are exploited to heighten the community’s propensity for violent behavior.

 Through the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit, international HWPL(heavenly culture world peace restoration of light) seeks to create a forum for dialogue centering on the creation of a commonly acceptable value-system between secular and religious communities in all socio-political sectors of our divers societies.

 Such a value system will form the basis for the creation of peace agreements and a universally applicable constitution of interfaith relations, as well as education materials which can be used across the spectrum of humanity’s diversity to begin revolutionizing the basic precepts of our cultures and ideologies which provide the central tenants promoting conflict and violent behavior. 

WARP, World Alliance of Religions’ Peace 2014 in South Korea

-The Peace Line-

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