Thursday, September 24, 2015

Peace advocate Man Hee Lee gathered... in Mindanao

[Peace advocate Man Hee Lee gathered... in Mindanao] this story continued from <1st annual commemoration of World Alliance of Religions' Peace Summit Story>

Peace advocate Man Hee Lee
 gathered... in Mindanao

Peace advocate ManHee Lee gathered the community leaders of Mindanao Island, such as mayors, college professors, youth and many more, in the main conference room of the hotel.

We asked the two religious representatives, a representative of the Catholic Church (Capalla) and a representative of the Muslims (Governor) and their leading figures, to join us.

Many people gathered and the two religious representatives sat on the platform. The host of this meeting first asked the two religious representatives to voice their opinion.

After that, she called name of Mr. ManHeeLee of HWPL as the third speaker and Mr. ManHee Lee went onto the stage.

Firstly, Peace advocate, ManHeeLee asked the audience if they want to leave conflict as a legacy to the future generations or to leave peace as a legacy to the future generations.

Their answer was “peace.” And then Peace maker ManHeeLee asked the same question to the two religious representatives.

Peace advocate ManHeeLee also asked if causing conflict to bring death upon people was an act that God, the master of your religion, wants. Are conflict and killing good deeds or evil deeds?

Peace advocate  ManHee Lee told them that these make known whether or not their religion is a group of evil.

Chairman of HWPL, ManHee Lee advised them to reject the wrong and choose the right. So they pledged before God and all the people of the world to put an end to all the conflicts and to never cause them again, and so they also signed the peace agreement. All the people in the audience who witnessed this were filled with great joy.

They embraced each other in joy and danced. The 40-year conflict in Mindanao was restored through peace. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front(MILF) and the government forces also signed for peace in front of their president.

On January 25th, the next day, many universities gathered at Mindanao state university and held a peace festival.

And peace advocate, ManHee Lee said "All these show that God was with us according to His promise."

-The Peace Line

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