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Man Hee Lee & Peace Delegation Went to Manila

Man Hee Lee, his peace delegation 
went to Manila

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Peace advocate Man Hee Lee comes to shine Mindanao
On January 23, 2014, Man Hee Lee his peace delegation went to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and met the archbishop, whom they had met the year before, and two other bishops at a nunnery in Manila. (*Coincidentally, they were in Manila attending a Catholic conference)

Peace advocate, ManHeeLee and his peace delegation first received their signatures on the peace agreement and also received one from the director of the nunnery. On January 24th, the next day, chairman of HWPL, ManHeeLee and peace delegation went to the airport with a police escort, boarded the plane for Mindanao, and then arrived at the airport in Mindanao. Many youth and university students came and gave them a big welcome.

There, peace advocate ManHee Lee and peace delegation had a meeting with the university students, delivered a speech on peace, and held a Peace Walk with the students. During the peace walk, Mr. ManHeeLee's peace delegation took the lead with lively, confident, and hopeful steps. On the streets, many people greeted them. 

The entire world knows, Mindanao is a place of religious conflict (between the Catholic and Islam), a place where 120,000 people have been sacrificed during a 40-year conflict, and no politician could solve the conflict.

This region was a battlefield fraught with tension as the government forces (Catholic) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) aimed their weapons towards each other.

Due to this no one could walk around, even for a second, without fear.

Chairman of HWPL, ManHeeLee peace delegation and came to this place under the name of the God of peace.

Surrounded by police, ManHeeLee and peace delegation were escorted to the hotel which was our meeting place.

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