Friday, September 18, 2015

Let's Listen Speech Of Chairman Man Hee Lee

Speech Of Chairman Of HWPL, 
Man Hee Lee On WARP Of 
1st Commemoration

Can you hear that?
I can't hear his speech. Says which?

Hmm... HWPL has called for ... I want to press ... to the presidents ... Any president who does not sign this agreement, does not want world peace, and does not love their people or nation...

Would you turn Man Hee Lee, his speech volume up?
All right~ turn up the volume to the max~^.^*

The purpose of HWPL and the duty of the press and media in stopping armed conflicts and achieving world peace.

“First of all, we have to carefully examine what is behind the scenes of armed conflicts. In order to stop wars, a rigid system is needed to bring forth a practical solution for peace. 
That solution is the international convention on the cessation of war and achievement of world peace. The purpose of HWPL is to bring about the cessation of war and establish peace as an inheritance for future generations. 
Certainly, world peace will be achieved if all reporters are accountable for accurate reporting standards and continually report on peace.”

Speech Of Chairman Of HWPL, 
Man Hee Lee On WARP Of 
1st Commemoration

HWPL, Declaration of World Peace video 
" As emissaries of World Peace, HWPL, we declare the following..."
<HWPL, Declaration of World Peace by Man Hee Lee>

Let's Listen His Speech Of 
Chairman Man Hee Lee
- The Peace Line

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