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Korea News Form, "Heavenly culture World Peace restoration of Light Peace Walk"

Korea News  
& World Press,
"Heavenly culture World Peace
Restoration of Light Peace Walk"

★ The media all over the world have applauded the amazing peace walk. ★

For World Peace, HWPL Peace Walk, before the Peace Gate of the Olympic Park in Seoul, South Korea, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and Restoration of Light (HWPL) hosted the Walk for World Peace and Restoration On 25 May 2013. This event marked the official proclamation of the Declaration of World Peace, announcing an era of change and most importantly, of peace. 
The declaration presented an outlined method to achieve what centuries of wars and peace efforts had failed to establish. The words of the declaration inspires every person to envision how peace might be achieved, sparking a responsibility in the hearts of the youth - a spark which quickly grew into a blaze of hope, bringing light and warmth to communities and opening the door to a new outlook. 
Over 30,000 youth representing 130 countries including the United States,Portugal, Greece, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Belarus and Columbia gathered to participate in the event. Following the Declaration of World Peace, they hosted a peace walk along the main road, calling for the cessation of wars.
 International media from every country broadcasted coverage of the declaration and peace walk. Since its official initiation last year, the news of this peace walk continues to spread globally and inspires youth groups to actively pursue the Declaration of World Peace. 

Introduction right and left of World Media

Many international media reported our names in their countries in so everyone knows our names there. 
One reporter was amazed by Chairman of HWPL Man Hee Lee's world peace activities and thought was similar to Nelson Mandela and wanted to keep interviewing him.

And another producer of a national broadcasting company said all the journalists of the world should be in the front line to let people know of person like HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee, and claimed that it was their job and duty. 

This behavior was the opposite compared to journalists and reporters of Korea who were blinded by the authorial power and money.

I am claiming that biased reporting is a violation of Korea's broadcasting law, which dictates that Public broadcasting TV stations of South Korea should provide universal access to the public.

*What do you think of the Korea media about 'HWPL Peace Walk' News report in Korea?

-The Peace Line-

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