Tuesday, September 15, 2015

HWPL, WARP of 1st Commemoration! Why?

  By the Peace!                                
  For the Peace!!                      
            Of the Peace!!!                      

 HWPLWARP of 1st Commemoration 

HWPL is an international organization which pursues the goal of resolving the present armed conflicts around the world in a peaceful manner. 
Last September, HWPL hosted the World Alliance of Religions' Peace (WARP) Summit in Seoul, Republic of Korea. 
Former and current heads of state, chief justices, law makers, journalists, representatives of youth and women’s organizations and religious leaders from all around the world participated to show their eager support for peace works led by HWPL.

[WARP of 1st commemoration] HWPL, WARP Peace Walk 2015 video

 "WARP of 1st Commemoration" 
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We have been born into this generation and it is our DUTY to END all WARS of this generation and to establish WORLD PEACE.

UNITED in heart and will, we must leave peace as an ETERNAL LEGACY for our future  generations Our PURPOSE is to EDUCATE all levels of society, organizations, and educational institutions to mutually COLLABORATE for the ENACTMENT of the international law to make peace a reality.

HWPL, WARP of 1st Commemoration! Why?
-The Peace Line

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