Tuesday, August 4, 2015

HWPL, WARP Office was suggested by chairman Man Hee Lee

The 3rd HWPL-WARP Office, 
the light shining to the Middle East

 HWPL, WARP Office was suggested by chairman Man Hee Lee

HWPL World Alliance of Religions' for Peace:
Dialogue of Scripture in the Middle East
The discussion based on each religious scripture was held as the site of harmony and peace in the Middle East

Manama, Bahrain – On July 30th 11:00 am, there were the 3rd HWPL-WARP Office gathering at the Bahrain Association for Religious Coexistence & Tolerance office. Around 20 people including Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Orthodox leaders and youth, women partook in the goal of achieving peace.

 The 3rd HWPL-WARP office in Bahrain was progressed with much deeper contents than the other previous two meetings. Each religious representative who participated in the office discussed on the topic of “Relation between Creator and His Creation” based on their own holy scripture. Following the 2nd office which was held under the title of “Peace in the Scriptures”, the 3rd HWPL-WARP office aimed to access the essential way to achieve peace more in depth. Besides, MC partook in 3rd HWPL-WARP office by Skype. So it was a discussion for peace beyond boundaries.

 Proceeded as one of the programs in 3rd HWPL-WARP office, OX quiz portion is not just confined to the discussion of their own scriptures, but to the time finding the common teaching presented in the scriptures by asking different questions. All attendees including audience and religious leaders could participate in realizing the commonalities of their religions. All participants had a discussion time to find the true will of Creator ‘Peace’ on the scriptures.

This HWPL-WARP Office was suggested by Mr. Man Hee Lee as one of the tangible ways to achieve peace at the WARP summit hosted last September 2014. 85 HWPL-WARP offices have been established in 51 countries update and it is expected to grow in numbers for the rest of the year. It has its difference from other interfaith dialogues in that religious leaders strive to find the truest teaching only based on the holy book not interfering with any man’s opinion.

 It is also more meaningful because we tried to find the common answer of achieving peace in the scriptures not the differences among the scriptures.
 Mr. Jasvir, a representative of Sikhism commented that we could get to know about other religions through this time and got courage when all says by concluding that there is one Creator.

 Ms. Lisa, MC of 3rd HWPL-WARP office, emphasized that this HWPL-WARP office should be held more often and regularly for finding the answer of peace and achieving peace.

The HWPL-WARP office is known as the starting step of spreading peace seeds to the Middle East area where people suffer from the continuous conflicts and wars. And the peace seeds keep spreading throughout more regions and countries leaving the expectation of the result.

HWPL, WARP Office was suggested
by chairman Man Hee Lee, MDN

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