Monday, August 24, 2015

What though life conspire to cheat you (the poem which is hopeful)


What though life conspire to cheat you


Alexander Pushkin

What though life conspire to cheat you,
Do not sorrow or complain.
Lie still on the day of pain,
And the day of joy will greet you.
Hearts live in the coming day.
There's an end to passing sorrow.
Suddenly all flies away, 
And delight returns tomorrow.

Если жизнь тебя обманет...    

Если жизнь тебя обманет,
Не печалься, не сердись!
В день уныния смирись:
День веселья, верь, настанет.
Сердце в будущем живет;
Настоящее уныло: 
Все мгновенно, все пройдет;
Что пройдет, то будет мило.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

'The Best Poem' Nominated by UN

'The Best Poem' 
Nominated by UN

Colored races, . . .

I Black

         When I born, I black
         When I grow up, I black
         When I go in Sun, I black
         When I scared, I black
         When I sick, I black
         And when I die, I still black
         And you white fellow


        When you born, you pink
        When you grow up, you white
        When you go in sun, you red
        When you cold, you blue
        When you scared, you yellow
        When you sick, you green
        And when you die, you gray
        And you calling me colored?

This poem was nominated by UN as the best poem of 2006, Written by an African Kid.
How did you feel about this poem?
I really want to live in a unsegregated world and peace reigns, peaceful world ~

※ According to the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights' Article 2: 
"Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, 
without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political 
or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

Friday, August 7, 2015

(Korean Ku Sang Poem) Before a War Cemetery of North Korean Dead

Korean Ku Sang Poem,
"Before the Cemetery of Enemy" 
by Ku Sang

Before a War Cemetery of North Korean Dead Korean poem by Ku Sang
Ku Sang was born in September 16, 1919 and raised in Wonsan, in South Ham-gyeong Province which is now situated in North Korea. His parents were Catholic and his older brother was a priest, but after studying in Japan he had a crisis of faith and  only returned to Catholicism later in life. Ku returned to the area of his up-bringing, working as a journalist and writer. His efforts to publish his poetry just after the end of the Second World War were met with resistance from the Communist authorities and  he fled to the south, Ku Sang died on May 11, 2004.

Ah, surely they could never close your eyes, 
you, souls now resting here in rows?

It was these our hands, that until yesterday
pressed the trigger and took you lives,
that gathered up your broken, rotting bodies, your bones, 
them chose a secluded mountainside where the sun is right, 
and quietly buried them, even covered the spot with turf, 
for truly death is more mysterious than hatred or love.

Not far from here  the road is blocked, 
the homeward road your souls, like mine, must take, 
and the mere silence of the empty, desert hills 
weighs on my breast a thousand tons;

so while in life we were only united in hate,
now rather the tragic longing 
you were not able to allay
dwells within my aspiration.

In the spring sky, 
nearly close enough to touch, 
a cloud indifferently
floats North-ward;
gunfire echoes from afar
and before these tombs of love and hate
all I can do is weep copious tears.

-The Peace Line-

HWPL, Peace Conference for WARP Summit

HWPL, Official Peace Conference for the World Alliance of Religions: Peace Summit Commences

SEOUL—Governmental and religious leaders, youth organizations, and women groups gather to attend the world’s largest peace summit held in the Republic of South Korea, where a sustainable solution to peace will be presented, as well as methods and programs for the cessation of war.

On September 17-18, the 2014 World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Summit will be held in Seoul, the Republic of Korea. The locations where the summit will be held are the Gate of Peace, Jamsil Sports Complex Stadium and 63 Building Convention Center. Approximately 200,000 people are scheduled to attend. Among them are 1,500 leaders including international heads of states and leading representatives of world religions such as Catholicism, Protestantism, Eastern Orthodox Church, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism, as well as organizations working in collaboration with the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) and the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG). Over 100 national broadcasting companies from around the world will also cover the events of the WARP summit.

A question was posed to Mr. Man Hee Lee in a press conference held before the first day: "The Middle East is a region rife with religious wars and conflicts. Is it possible to achieve peace here as in Mindanao, Philippines?” Mr. Man Hee Lee responded, “Just because peace is achieved in the Middle East does not mean world peace is achieved. Rather than considering an issue that is confined to only one region, we need to resolve the fundamental problem that has its roots worldwide. Therefore, heads of state around the world must come to an agreement to establish an international law that bans war so that all wars come to an end permanently.” Mr. Man Hee Lee is a global peace advocate and the Chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) as well as IPYG and IWPG.

HWPL, Peace Conference for WARP Summit Source:

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Peace Agreement Ceremony, Man Hee Lee of HWPL who Hosted WARP Peace Summit

Peace Agreement Ceremony, which 
Man Hee Lee of HWPL Hosted 
the Highlight of the World Alliance
of Religions’ Peace Summit

Peace Agreement Ceremony, Man Hee Lee of HWPL who Hosted WARP Peace Summit

Over 2,000 people signed the peace agreement, transcending nationality, race, and religion

Religions need to unite as one and an international law for the cessation of wars must be enacted 

On 17-18 September, the 2014 World Alliance of Religions’ Peace, WARP Peace Summit was held in Seoul, South Korea, hosted by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL). 

The summit was attended by more than 50 political leaders including former and current heads of state, first ladies, Prime Ministers, and ministers from 30 countries, over 680 religious leaders from 120 countries, over 600 members of the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) from 150 countries, and over 200 reporters from more than 100 media organizations of 80 countries. On the 17th, the first day of the WARP Summit, the opening ceremony and congratulatory performances were held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. On the second day, the 18th at 10 AM, the signing ceremony of the Unity of Religion Agreement was held at 63 Convention Center in Seoul.

The WARP Summit was the largest event where politicians, people of religion, and representatives of various organizations from all around the world attended. The summit, which is the result of Mr. Lee’s World Peace Tours so far, is expected to serve as the foundation for bringing all wars to an end and achieving world peace.

The agreement stated that religious leaders must unite their religions as one under the Creator in order to bring all wars to an end and leave world peace as a legacy to future generations, and representatives of the UN should make the utmost efforts to enact an international law for the cessation of all wars and contribute to world peace.

It also stated that all the signatories should become peace advocates who deliver this news to people around the world and encourage them to cooperate in the work of achieving world peace. As the agreement was read aloud, it was emphasized once again that peace cannot be achieved by one individual but achieved through the unity of all people working together as one.

Mr. Man Hee Lee, the chairman of HWPL who hosted the event, expressed deep regret over the current condition of religion today and said in his speech, “Religious leaders can teach religion properly only if they know about it themselves. Church is not a place where worldly things are taught, but it is for teaching things of heaven of God,” and emphasized, “Before saying which religion is good and which religion is bad, we must first see whether my own religion is corrupt. Theology is not the teachings of man.” Mr. Lee urged for politicians’ support in respect of policy and laws, saying, “It is not only people of religion receiving salvation. All people can receive salvation.”

Afterwards, the chairwoman of the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG), said in her speech, “This agreement is only a beginning, but it has a tremendous power that will unite a promise with another and turn the whole world into a world of peace. This one piece of paper connects one country with another and unites different classes and different religions as one.” She expressed her deep emotions, saying, “This generation is in need of change that is close to reformation. In creating a peaceful world and leaving it as an eternal legacy to future generations, today’s signing ceremony is very significant.

On the 19th, the Walk for World Peace was held at the World Peace Gate of Seoul’s Olympic Park with approximately 200,000 people from home and abroad. At the press conference that followed, the host organization presented the peace agreements signed during the WARP Summit, and urged reporters to become messengers of peace and report on the peace agreements of the WARP Summit frequently.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Host of WARP Summit, HWPL, Man Hee Lee Peace Advocate

The Host of WARP Summit 2014, 
HWPL, Man Hee Lee Peace Advocate

♣ Former heads of state, leaders of various countries and representatives of different religions delivered their congratulatory messages

♣ A variety of performances catching the eyes of people all around the world

On September 17, 2014 the Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL, Chairman Man Hee Lee) held the 2014 World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. 

During the opening ceremony, the entrance of distinguished guests was followed by the spectacular Card Section performance, which conveyed the vanity of war. As the host of the event, Mr. Man Hee Lee delivered the opening address in which he said, “If the heads of state love their country and people, they should sign an international agreement that would put an end to all wars and bring about peace.” After that, Ms. the chairwoman of the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG), delivered the commemorative address and spoke about how she changed after meeting the true advocate of peace and about the power of women that can achieve world peace.

Prior to the opening address, a video was shown of Mr. Man Hee Lee’s peace movement and his World Peace Tours, during which he traveled to 54 countries and delivered the message of peace. In January in Mindanao of the Philippines—one of the most war-torn regions in Asia—Mr. Man Hee Lee played a key role in resolving the 40-year conflict between Catholics and Muslims through a peace agreement. Also, in Zamboanga City of Mindanao, Mr. Man Hee Lee presented the practical solution to peace at the Peace Walk in which over 12,000 people participated.

After Mr. Man Hee Lee proclaimed the opening of the summit, a variety of congratulatory performances including “Dance of Peace, Festival of Light” and “World is One” were presented.

The Host of WARP Summit, HWPL, Man Hee Lee Peace Advocate Source:

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

HWPL, WARP Office was suggested by chairman Man Hee Lee

The 3rd HWPL-WARP Office, 
the light shining to the Middle East

 HWPL, WARP Office was suggested by chairman Man Hee Lee

HWPL World Alliance of Religions' for Peace:
Dialogue of Scripture in the Middle East
The discussion based on each religious scripture was held as the site of harmony and peace in the Middle East

Manama, Bahrain – On July 30th 11:00 am, there were the 3rd HWPL-WARP Office gathering at the Bahrain Association for Religious Coexistence & Tolerance office. Around 20 people including Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Orthodox leaders and youth, women partook in the goal of achieving peace.

 The 3rd HWPL-WARP office in Bahrain was progressed with much deeper contents than the other previous two meetings. Each religious representative who participated in the office discussed on the topic of “Relation between Creator and His Creation” based on their own holy scripture. Following the 2nd office which was held under the title of “Peace in the Scriptures”, the 3rd HWPL-WARP office aimed to access the essential way to achieve peace more in depth. Besides, MC partook in 3rd HWPL-WARP office by Skype. So it was a discussion for peace beyond boundaries.

 Proceeded as one of the programs in 3rd HWPL-WARP office, OX quiz portion is not just confined to the discussion of their own scriptures, but to the time finding the common teaching presented in the scriptures by asking different questions. All attendees including audience and religious leaders could participate in realizing the commonalities of their religions. All participants had a discussion time to find the true will of Creator ‘Peace’ on the scriptures.

This HWPL-WARP Office was suggested by Mr. Man Hee Lee as one of the tangible ways to achieve peace at the WARP summit hosted last September 2014. 85 HWPL-WARP offices have been established in 51 countries update and it is expected to grow in numbers for the rest of the year. It has its difference from other interfaith dialogues in that religious leaders strive to find the truest teaching only based on the holy book not interfering with any man’s opinion.

 It is also more meaningful because we tried to find the common answer of achieving peace in the scriptures not the differences among the scriptures.
 Mr. Jasvir, a representative of Sikhism commented that we could get to know about other religions through this time and got courage when all says by concluding that there is one Creator.

 Ms. Lisa, MC of 3rd HWPL-WARP office, emphasized that this HWPL-WARP office should be held more often and regularly for finding the answer of peace and achieving peace.

The HWPL-WARP office is known as the starting step of spreading peace seeds to the Middle East area where people suffer from the continuous conflicts and wars. And the peace seeds keep spreading throughout more regions and countries leaving the expectation of the result.

HWPL, WARP Office was suggested
by chairman Man Hee Lee, MDN

Monday, August 3, 2015

HWPL, Goals of the WARP Peace Summit

HWPL, Goals of the WARP Summit, 
the World Alliance of Religions’ 
Peace Summit 

WARP Peace Summit Speakers. If you want to see them click here▲

 What's WARP? If you want to know about it, click here▲

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WARP Peace Summit 2014 Program. Click here▲

1. To begin the process of establishing a universally applicable system of values focussing on aspects of morality and experience of life that bind us together as a global family.

 2. Establish a basic ideological foundation upon which a World Alliance of Religions can be built in order to bring conflicts founded on differing religious ideologies to an end.

 3. Draft and publicly make the Declaration of the World Alliance of Religions. 

 4. Define the roles of cultural leaders, both secular and religious, in the creation and implementation of a new, heavenly culture.