Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Interfaith, Dialogue of Scriptures and Religious Laders by HWPL

By HWPL, Interfaith 
Dialogue of Scriptures 
and Religious leaders
"Peace this together"

● Peace this together

“Religious leaders and representatives of the spiritual traditions of the world, have been born into this generation with the duty to end war and to establish peace. We must do everything in our power to end all wars on this earth and to establish world peace according to the will of the Creator, God.”
 – Unity of Religions Agreement, World Alliance of Religions(WARP): Peace Summit 2014

Peace This Together is a monthly dialogue where prominent religious leaders in South Africa will come together for the purpose of comparing and contrasting religious texts/scriptures to identify As religious leaders from Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, African Hebrew, Bahai, Christian and Sikh backgrounds analyse and discuss their sacred texts, the leaders and emissaries of world peace, will show their dedication towards the restoration of humanity through the quest to promote a heavenly culture between brothers and sisters under the same sky. 

Young religious leaders from across cultural divides will also participate through discussion and question and answer sessions during the common threads which will unite us as one. course of the series.

Click Interfaith Leaders Peace Indaba,
and you will see the video of Dialogue of
Scriptures and Religious Leaders by HWPL

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