Sunday, July 19, 2015

HWPL, Get involved, Join^.^

Heavenly Culture, 
World Peace, 
Restoration of Light 

HWPL, Get involved
Join us~.~

■ HWPL Entry Form

Thank you for your interest in HWPL. These are many ways to get involved in the global peace building effort. For more information and to join future events, please see the following links below. We look forward to working together as messengers of peace to create a lasting impact in the world. 

1. HWPL, Organization
 To learn more about registering as a HWPL organization, please click here▼

2. HWPL, Individual
 To learn more about registering as a HWPL individual, please click here

HWPL Entry Form Source :

Welcome to HWPL
Come Join us and many projects of HWPL, 
worldwide as we work towards peace together.

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