Thursday, July 2, 2015

HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee Quotes and Peace Activity

HWPL Chairman, 
Man Hee Lee Quote 
and Peace Activity

In order to save somebody that’s in the water, we must jump in as well.

 -Man Hee Lee famous Quote

Mr. Man Hee Lee, his character can be measured by this quote.
He is very active in the World Peace Activity.

During Mr. Man Hee Lee's works, the Peace Delegation met the presidents of each country. The former and current presidents were asked to sign that should they love their country and their people, and love peace, then they must work towards enacting an international law that would include content about cessation of war and world peace, and they willingly accepted it

Chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee also promised to work for world peace as messengers of peace. In addition, the Delegation met the religious leaders of each country. The Delegation described peace to them, and all the religious leaders signed the peace agreement. 

Next, there were visits to the national broadcast stations of each country. The peace agreement signed by the presidents and religious leaders from each country was broadcast and known to the people all over the world.

Peace advocate Man Hee Lee has sent a DVD with regards to ending war, establishing world peace and the restoration of light, to the presidents, governmental departments, and government-run television broadcasts of each country, asking them to watch it. 

Man Hee Lee Quotes and Peace Activity

We requested the presidents of each country sign a legislation agreeing to end war, and then turn that legislation into an international law. If they love their people, their nation, and they desire world peace they will sign. Any president who does not sign this agreement, does not want world peace, and does not love their people or nation. They should show this DVD regarding world peace to their people several times, and encourage all people worldwide to participate in this world peace activity. We, HWPL, IWPG, IPYG, three International Peace Groups will continue activities to work without ceasing until world peace and the restoration of light are realized through heavenly culture.

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