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World Without War by Peace Activist Man Hee Lee

World Without War 
by Peace Activist 
Man Hee Lee

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” ― Albert Einstein

These immortal words of one of history’s greatest minds are embodied by the actions of world renowned peace activist, Man Hee Lee. With the help of the Philippines’ Nationwide Association of Pastors, Mr. Lee, along with his Korean Christian organization, Shin Chon Ji, held a bible seminar and world peace seminar at the auditorium of the College of San Agustin in Biñan, Laguna.

Peace advocate Man Hee Lee was invited by different churches in the local areas of Laguna and Cavite to hold a bible seminar for their local church groups. A World Without War is what he envisions and advocates through political support, preaching God’s words and mobilizing the youth.

 Peace advocate Man Hee Lee, 2013 June 5th World Peace tour
World Peace Seminar, The large number of attendees, 900 strong, peace activity, Man Hee Lee giving his talk
on Christian action for peace Some pastors and church leaders who attended the event

I attended the seminar with two other friends, namely Kiko Tawagon and Maddie Laconico who helped me with coverage. Upon entering the auditorium, we were met with loud, heartfelt worship singing. Everyone was on their feet praising, clapping and proclaiming God’s glory.

Local pastors and churches near the area of the school lent a helping hand in making this event possible, assisting with registration, maintaining order, and guiding all the attendees.

Peace Activist Man Hee Lee is a visionary who dreams of a world rid of the terrors of war. He has been travelling to different countries and locations, from South Africa, to Germany, to Papua New Guinea, to New York, and beyond. Mr. Lee, with the Korean Christian organization, Shin Chon Ji, has been meeting with these countries’ religious leaders and heads of state to appeal to them to support his cause in eradicating wars and ending their support for such violent causes.

His actions were first ignited by his own experiences as a young soldier on the front lines of the war between North and South Korea. He believes that young students shouldn’t be sent to fight wars and be robbed of their chance at making the most of their youth. Preaching about God’s word and the fulfillment of God’s promise to His people, Mr. Lee hopes to ignite the conscience of people in the hope that they too would be inspired to become involved in his campaign for world peace.

According to Peace advocate Man Hee Lee, he has been advocating his Christian seminars and peace efforts for quite a long time now. He has inspired 130 international youth groups in certain countries in the declaration of peace and revolution to be forwarded to the United Nations. To help further his causes for ending the turmoil in states that are in a state of war, these youth groups and several more supporters from other countries try to motivate presidents and politicians to drop the guns and sing for peace.

World Without War by Peace Activist Man Hee Lee
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