Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Korean Poem "River waters"

Korean Poem 
"River waters"

Cheon Sang-byeong

※ Cheon Sang-byeong, his poem was written in substantial 
and condensed language to head the reader’s attention 
from his objective as the poet. 
He wrote his poem with the intention 
of transcending the immediate world.

The reason why the river flows toward the sea 
is not only because I've been weeping 
all day long
up on the hill.

Not only because I've been blooming 
like a sunflower in loning
all night long 
up on the hill.

The reason live been weeping 
like a beast in sorrow 
up on the hill 
is not only because 
the river flows toward the sea.

Korean Poem 
"River waters"
by Cheon Sang-byeong

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