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Religious Leader Man Hee Lee and WARP Peace Summit

HWPL of Religious Leader Man Hee Lee 
and WARP Peace Summit

WARP: World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit
September. 17th. 2014~ September. 19th. 2014

HWPL Held in South Korea with chief executives, religious leaders, and youth groups; women groups peace leaders more than 2,000 people, and related organizations in total 200,000 people came from over 20 countries.
"Congratulate ourselves, families all around the global village.
Until this moment, the earth was filled with torture and death, chaos and dispute,
but now religionists had have signed to a written agreement for peace to be united.

I wanted to deliver this news.
This is the peace.
New world full of peace has now opened up!"

Serious conflicts break out all around the world by religion.
If there is a woe even a well known politician cannot handle, it is a religious issue.
Since nature of religion is PEACE it has to be done.
Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light, HWPL peace move by the chairman Lee had last quite a while ago.

Since three years ago, religious leader Man Hee Lee has traveled the earth 17 times to visit politicians and religious leaders to plea an international law that can put an end to war.

"No matter how much times people say that there is an answer to peace.
if there is no one who wants to participate in, that is no use.

Therefore, HWPL of Religious leader Man Hee Lee had rotated the earth 12 times to meet people and to sow bountiful seeds of peace."
Intl Women's Prayer Group, IWPG.
"Due to the endless war, numerous mothers lost her children.

However, none could possibly revive their lives.
IWPG could not stand mothers' reaction losing her children.

Affiliated by HWPL

IWPG should step forward to save our children from war."

September 17th 2014 Olympic main stadium Seoul in South Korea
WARP opening ceremony 
Twelve thousands of card section members

The duty of the media is to report the good news of the Alliance of Religions to the whole world and fulfill peace.
Performance with Song of Arirang World peace parade

September. 18th. 2014 63bilding grand 
volume convention center, 
in Seoul, South Korea

"Now is the time when religious leaders should work for what is everlasting.
Form the great integration of religious agreement; world peace and cease war."

Catholic Buddhism Hinduism Judaism Kerbela Sunni Muslim Gaha' ism Anglican and others
Representatives from 12 religions Signed to the agreement.

They have signed international bill amendment agreement 
The great integration of religious agreement
Followed by former, past presidents, association representatives from various nations, and devotees from the religious world, etc.

In total, 2,000 people have joined the HWPL's peace movement by signing the written agreement of peace.

September. 19th. 2014 World Peace Gate, Olympic Park in Seoul, south Korea.
World peace walkathon

"We had made a promise to unite our religion.
 Every thought, mind and a single world should support peace."

650 youth groups political religious women youth leaders came from 139 countries, more than 3 hundred thousand.

It is impressive to see religious leader Man Hee Lee 
conveying messages to various presidents and 
religious leaders for world peace and cease war

Bob Datsun NBC Today America

Peace is an urgent problem to youn adults.
By WARP, peace will be realized with diverse forms

CNN Arabic Edda Caliph reporter

-80 countries and 100 leading international press all over 
the world press interviews with roughly 200 people

"What should we leave behind?
Wouldn't be peace?
Or else war full of torture?"
"Our sons and daughters are sacrificed though war without being able to bloom."
"Peaceful world without war and sin is coming true."
"God, the Creator conducted his way until now."
("Placing the signed Peace Agreement)
HWPL of Religious leader Man Hee Lee

Check out this video "Religious leader Man Hee Lee"

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