Saturday, May 30, 2015

Peace Advocate Man Hee Lee & 5.25 HWPL Peace Day

May 25th 2013, 5.25 HWPL Day 2013. During the event, a declaration of peace was read by Peace advocate Man Hee Lee
the Chairman of the Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and the Restoration of Light. 27000 Youths Call For Peace in International Peace Walk. 

Peace Advocate Man Hee Lee

 While May 25th is becoming a crucial day bringing the sensational wave of peace worldwide, peace advocate Man Hee Lee sent a letter from Philippines on 24th of May to the members of International Peace Youth Group (“IPYG”) and IWPG. 

In the letter, he delivered his message that “The youth’s work will be the force that will put an end to all wars on this earth and create peace that will be left as a legacy for the future generations. Let us not forget this day and hold commemorative ceremonies. Let us announce this to the world so that everyone may become a peace messenger and work with us in creating the light of glory.”

5.25 HWPL Peace Day

The growing support and cooperation of the international community for the observance of the World Alliance of Religions Day as well as HWPL Peace Day have demonstrated that the peace works of HWPL provide an effective way to cease conflicts and promote a peaceful world.

5.25 is a meaningful day for all of us who live on Earth!

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