Friday, May 8, 2015

Interfaith Dialogue with WARP Peace Summit by HWPL

WARP Peace Summit 
Interfaith Dialogue by HWPL

HWPL, WARP peace summit interfaith dialogue 

  • We are very pleased  to hear that in South Korea. 

-The 3rd president of Slovenia, Danilo Turk

  • The big gathering, the big summit in South Korea.  

-Secretary General of the Clubde Madrio Carlos Westendorp

  • Because peace is so important that no one should miss this event.  

-Former Prime Minister of Sebia, Mirko Cvetkovic

  • I feel that we had Real peace in our hear, in the country. 

-Queen of Toro kingdom Uganda

  • I will be in Korea in September and I invite all to participate in this peace summit in September in South Korea.

-The 3rd president of Romania ICD chairman, Emil Constantinescu

WARP Peace Summit Interfaith Dialogue

  • World is a family, and if that is so,why should we fight with each other?

-President of the Hindu of North America, USA, Uma Mysorekar

  • Peace is not a mission of great writers or philosophers. All of us, either religious or not, must endeavor to achieve peace.

-The Anglican Bishop/ Uri, Peru, Davio Limo

  • You who are looking right now at me I would like to encourage you to go out there.

-Sikh Representative, USA, Simrankaur Khalsa

  • Glory in heaven and peace on earth. The eternal kingdom of God will be established at the Second Coming of Jesus. It will be the kingdom of peace for us.

-Orthodox archbishop deputy Romania, Varlaam ploiesteanul

  • Whoever has any influence in the world even in the small group try to come and to contribute. Thank you.

-The president of Euro Pean Jewish congress, Serbia, Rubenfuks

WARP Peace Summit, HWPL 
17~19 September 2014 Seoul, South Korea
HWPL, WARP peace summit interfaith dialogue

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