Tuesday, May 5, 2015

[HWPL POEM] Teaching By Peace Advocate Man Hee Lee

 [HWPL POEM] After Advocate 
Man Hee Lee Teaching, Change my life

Source: [Peace making cafe]
Human beings all error and sometimes fail!
Just whether to overcome the process,
or to limit their bounds to that!
We stand on the turning point.

I did.
as You did.
I limited a day's bound's, experienced a month's failure
Suffered a year of futility, finally saw my inability, 
and tried to enter the depth of the sea

However you see!
The instant I listened to teaching of the advocate of HWPL Man Hee Lee!

I came across the new morning light flaming over my darkness of sea!
The light became the sun of my life
And deleted the shadows of my dark life.

We are all sinners in front of heaven.
We are only creation but to kill, fight, and slander each other as kings
Is just futile waste of life.

We are innately incomplete, therefore
When we become one and work for peace,
We could receive the complete heaven's help

What about that? Isn't it cool?
I who made mistakes and failed could be the son of the complete and complete God!
This is the very Heavenly Culture, the cheering message that HWPL sends!
So, cheer up!!♡

I am absolutely astonished by by his teaching and speech(words).
I listened carefully to what he said; it was instructive.
I am fully convinced that peace advocate of HWPL, Man Hee Lee,
he was able to achieve a world Peace with Heavenly Culture
because of only a dedicated person can conjure peace up.

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