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5.25 Peace Day, Where is Religious Leader 'Man Hee Lee' of HWPL?

Man Hee Lee of HWPL,
'Declaration of World Peace'

5.25 Peace Day, Where is HWPL, Religious Leader 'Man Hee Lee'?

Let the Walk for World Peace and Restoration begin!
On May 25th 2013, HWPL, Religious Leader Man Hee Lee is declaring
the beginning of an era of World Peace at the Olympic park of South Korea

After two years,,,

 religious leader Man Hee Lee 

is in Philippines

Manila & Maguindanao, Philippines- A peace advocate and Chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (“HWPL”), religious leader Man Hee Lee, who solved a 40-year conflict of Mindanao between government forces and the Moro-Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), returned to the region for the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace.

For the first time in history, Chairman Lee proclaimed the Declaration of World Peace on May 25th 2013 and this year marks its 2nd year anniversary.

He was accompanied by Chairwoman of International Women’s Peace Group (“IWPG”) and HWPL’s peace delegation.

Starting on May 22nd, in the midst of a tight schedule, Chairman Lee and the peace delegation have led the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (“WARP”) Office Meetings, Peace Dialogue with political leaders, judicial officers, and heads of military forces in major cities such as Manila, Maguindanao, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao.

On May 25th 2015, at the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace, the unveiling ceremony of Mindanao Peace Agreement Monument was held.

On May 25th 2015, religious leader of HWPL Man Hee Lee, Unveiling of the Mindanao Peace Agreement Monument/ Proclamation of January 24th as ‘HWPL’ day of Maguindanao was taken place with ‘the erection of 5m-tall peace monument’ at Buluan Gymnasium Hall where the signing of the peace agreement and unity of alliance of religions was held.

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