Saturday, April 18, 2015

World Peace Begin, World War End


War for Peace? No.
HWPL for Peace! Yes.
There is a key Peace activity and an amazing method to achieve world peace here.
First Have a look at BBC News.

The War That Changed the World
Tanzania: Race and Colonial War

Source: BBC

More than one million people died in East Africa during WW1, as the British and German Empires battled each other away from the muddy fields of Europe. The war is all but forgotten in Tanzania, from where Audrey Brown chairs a debate in partnership with the British Council. We hear from historians Bill Nasson of Stellenbosch University in South Africa, Santanu Das from Kings College London, and Tanzanians with family memories, like Oswald Masebo from Dar es Salaam University.

Photo: Locally-recruited troops under German command
in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, then part of German East Africa, circa 1914 player Radio)))
(Credit: Getty Images)

If only every individual reduced their desires and greediness, peace would come. I think war is a result of greediness for oneself, for whom is this war for?

The difference between war and peace is like a piece of paper. If we all united with one heart and mind wouldn't peace be possible?

If we can abolish the International law that allows for the declaration of war, then in reality peace can arise. This is an amazing method to achieve peace!

Thinking of a strategy that no other peacemaker has thought of, we support Peace advocate, Peace activity, Man hee Lee of HWPL.

Peace advocate Man Hee Lee has worked hard to make the world of love, more peaceful World to live in for everyone.


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