Monday, April 6, 2015

The Ingredients to Accomplish World Peace: Heavenly Culture by HWPL

HWPL, The Ingredient to Accomplish 
World Peace: Heavenly Culture 

HWPL, Heavenly Culture 

  Culture is the practice of a group of people stemming from how we experience and understand life. Humanities common experience is culture, and for this reason we believe that culture plays a key role in uniting all nations. One of our goals through HWPL is to create a new culture, a culture of peace for all humankind, a culture that embraces all nations as a borderless culture of humanity, a "heavenly culture". Heaven, or the sky, is the source of rain, air and light. Rain and air give life; light gives clarity and allows for true perception of that which surrounds us, it banishes fears, without the light not one living thing would exist. 

 Through HWPL's act of volunteerism, culture exchange, sporting competitions and peace events we aim to restore that which our world longs for. We will be the generation who actively works to make these changes, and bring with us the restoration of light, and world peace. 

 The Korean Declaration of Independence, which took place on August 15, 1948, is called "Gwangbokjeol". When looking at the origin and literal translation of the Korean word it means "restoration of light" making the day Koreans reclaimed their own culture, the day the light returned. As the youth of IPYG, our goal is to restore light and peace to the whole world and are already doing so, one small step at a time, through various sports, volunteering opportunities, peace activities and cultural experiences. 

 What is a country if its own people are divided? Peace advocate, Man Hee Lee, the founder of HWPL, had to fight wars in his youth, and he fought within one country, over an imaginary border drawn by men, a line created arbitrarily between brothers. What purpose does division serve? What reason is there for dividing nations and fighting wars? Where there is death, there is loss, so who can leave war a victor? 

 Look at the sky. It has no borders. We receive our life from the sky, let us try to be more like that giving in a ceaseless effort to nurture, love and protect life. A common culture of peace shared by all humans, a common value of life itself, and a common understanding that this exists irrespective of borders of economics, this is Heavenly Culture. 

As ribs to protect the heart, IWPG and IPYG must protect the HWPL.
So the problem we all live with conflict, war, 
we the love of World Peace want to pervade all the world over.

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