Monday, April 13, 2015

Peacemaker Man Hee Lee Quotes from Peace conference

Peacemaker Man Hee Lee Quotes from Peace conference

This is Continued from <PEACE Conference of HWPL and Peacemaker Man Hee Lee quotes>

Speakers and delegates of this kind of peace plan for humanity as leading politicians,
 diplomats major, leading government officials from around the world.

 At the summit will address the challenges, responsibilities and opportunities of world leaders in building 
a world of peace, reconciliation have, the application of cultural diplomacy in inter-religious dialogue, 
to resolve the conflict by compromise, and the role of personal and common as a power source of identity and unity.

200 journalists and reporters from 100 networks 
and 80 different nations have gathered.

The international press had many questions 
for the two representatives 

The collaboration created through the agreement to work
           for prace is what will bring us together as a united religion.
             That is how peace can be achieved.

 This, so far the most representative and most numerous summit of world peace will open Peacemaker Man Hee Lee, known advocate of peace and peace organizations HWPL president, 

said the press service of the Party for BiH.
 World Summit peace monitors more than 1,000 journalists.


 Peace and Man Hee Lee peacemaker go together~!
 Peace and Man Hee Lee peacemaker go hand in hand~!!

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