Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Peace maker Man Hee Lee of HWPL Peace Walk and Mindanao Peace Engagement

Peace maker Man Hee Lee 
of HWPL Peace Walk and 
Mindanao Peace Engagement

A model of powerful youth engagement of Asia

'Peace Gate' in Seoul Korea
 May 25th, 2013
HWPL members, the International Peace Walk
With over 60% of the youth population in Asia, HWPL youth members engagement in the region has grown from humble beginnings to hosting one of the largest international peace walks in Korea and peace resolution agreements in Philippines. Notable endeavors that have marked the growth of HWPL peace campaigns in Asia have been the International Peace Walk in the Seoul Olympic Park in South Korea, held on May 25th, 2013 that brought together over 30,000 members and 262 youth organizations from all over the world.

▲The Mindanao Peace Agreement▲
From left, the former Archbishop of Davao, Mindanao,
Peace maker Man Hee Lee of HWPL and
Mindanao's Muslim provincial governor Esmael Mangudatatu.
Following the first International Peace Walk in South Korea, students in the Philippines also hosted a peace walk in Mindanao, declaring their desire for an end to the religious violence between the Islam and Catholic populations in the Mindanao region. Through the youth’s passionate engagement, a peace resolution promising peaceful relations between both Islam and Catholic groups was reached between leaders.

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