Thursday, April 16, 2015

Peace advocate, Man Hee Lee and World Peace and Religion

Peace advocate, Man Hee Lee 
and World Peace and Religion

Peace and Religion... war
If Peace and Religion are one? 
If Peace and Religion go hand in hand??
War will disappear. from in the peaceful world soon.

We live in the world.

A World with an estimated 500,000 Religions in it.

Statistics of major religious population around the world

Out of 7.2 Billion people approximately 85% of the population identify themselves as being religious

In answering the question,
For peace of mind > For after-life

Religion addresses the key values of Truth, Life, Eternity, Love and Peace.
However over 90% of Wars are caused or motivated by religious differences.
Has Religion Lost Sight of its purpose?



Religion means a Teaching Which Reconnects Humanity to its CREATOR

The Time has come to restore religion to its true purpose.
The prelude to the era of the alliance of religions has begun!
To all Family members of this world, to those who Love and desire Peace~♥

It is time for us to gather!
The solution for peace is here
HWPL invited you to the Republic of Korea to World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit, WARP Peace Summit 2014.

Peace and Man Hee Lee peace activist go hand in hand. 
We can't separate Peacemaker Man Hee Lee of HWPL as to PEACE
We never separate Peace advocate Man Hee Lee of HWPL as to PEACE.

Before long, War will disappear from in the peaceful world.

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