Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[HWPL Peace Making Poem] Peace World, Cherry Blossom Ending

[HWPL Peace Making Poem] 
Peace World, Cherry Blossom Ending

Source: peace making cafe

[HWPL POEM] peace world, Cherry Blossom Ending

"cherry blossoms"

Cherry blossoms bloom beautifully but soon wither away.

What's the big hurry?
They've gone away with an illusion like a dream left behind.  
We have to wait for another spring to come.

But "Leaving and Waiting"

The order of nature that Old things go and a new world comes Tells us something!

In the courtyard of the globe village where there are many life stories that have got entangled,
The seeds sown with our ancestors' blood grew and red flowers bloomed.

Cherry blossoms,

The glasses of everyone's bitter life which contain entwined life stories 
Met the white spring and the sweet culture bloomed.

This is the heavenly culture that came to us like a warm spring day!

The red Iips of HWPL are giving us the fragrance of peace all over the world. 
Our story will come to a happy ending!

The world will be painted by the nuclear of love and mercy, not by a nuclear bomb!

The era of war has gone, and the era of peace has come!

“Peace be with U” 

Source: peace making cafe

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