Friday, April 3, 2015


Description of HWPL logo


  • Bird of HWPL Logo 

As the white dove is a universal symbol of peace, 
this dove represents a messenger making peace a reality

  •  Earth of HWPL Logo 

The globe within the dove represents the future of a generation 
that will no longer see war with the messenger of peace

  •  Stones of HWPL Logo 

The twelve colored precious stones surrounding globe celebrate diversity 
of cultures and religions working together as a global family
through the International Women's Peace Group (IPWG) 
and the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG)

  •  Rainbow of HWPL Logo 

The rainbow colors symbolize the culture of heaven--the unconditional love 
and respect that we strive to bestow upon one another like the light, 
rain and air of the heavens have graciously given to mankind. 
We believe this love and respect are the materials for 
the fulfillment of peace and restoration of light

  •  Stars of HWPL Logo

The stars represent our partnerships with international leaders 
as HWPL advisory members working together in the culture of heaven


Logo of HWPL has a very significant implication~
I took in a favorable sense.

How about you "Logo of HWPL"?

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