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Rainbow and Stars of Logo of HWPL

Rainbow and Stars 
of Logo of HWPL

  • Rainbow of Logo of HWPL

The rainbow colors symbolize the culture of heaven--the unconditional love and respect that we strive to bestow upon one another like the light, rain and air of the heavens have graciously given to mankind. We believe this love and respect are the materials for the fulfillment of peace and restoration of light.

  •  Stars of Logo of HWPL

The stars represent our partnerships with international leaders as HWPL advisory members working together in the culture of heaven.

Stones of Logo of HWPL

Stones of Logo of HWPL

The twelve colored precious stones surrounding the globe(earth) celebrate the diversity of cultures and religions working together as a global family through the International Women's Peace Group (IWPG) and the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG).

Peace knows no single life is more important than another When the IWPG, IPYG of the world stand united  wars will cease.

Earth of Logo of HWPL


The globe in logo (earth in logo) within the white dove, emblem of peace represents the future of a generation that will no longer see war with the messenger of peace.

HWPL, an astounding new vision of humanity's future!

HWPL, a sustainable solution to achieving world peace!

I wish we can all live in peace and love on Earth.

Bird of Logo of HWPL

Bird of Logo of HWPL

This white Bird in the Logo of HWPL is dove.

The white dove in HWPL Logo symbolizes peace. 
In Bird of Logo of HWPL is with important meaning.

As the white dove is a universal symbol of peace, 
this dove represents a messenger making peace a reality.

How about the meaning with bird of HWPL Logo?
Next time, we are meeting Earth of Logo of HWPL


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

5.25 World Peace Day

5.25 World Peace Day

Do you know that May 25 is World Peace Day?

On May 25!


May 25 is World Peace day?


I will give you the reason.
It is describing below after seeing Vietnam War pictures.

The Disaster of War/ 5.25 world peace day/ A young girl,
running naked  and terrified down the road in Vietnam War
Source of photos: BBC

Do you remember world famous this picture?

A 9-year-old Vietnamese girl is crying, running naked and terrified down the road...

This was Nick Ut's picture of nine-year-old Phan Thi Phuc - a young girl, running naked and terrified down the road after a napalm attack - which became one of the iconic images of the entire conflict.

This picture is shows the horror of war in a realistic way.

I want people to know just how awful war is. 
It was a terrible sight.

5.25 world peace day / On his army cap
"War is Hell"
He is wearing an army cap with a term "War is Hell"

Nearly 60,000 US soldiers died in Vietnam, with more than 300,000 injured. For the Vietnamese, though, the figures were far higher, with estimates of more than half a million killed and many millions wounded.

All wars are a crime against humanity.
All war represented raw head and bloody bones.
War is beyond all words horrible.
In particular, the exhibits of wartime photography and propaganda all attest to the hideous suffering caused by the war.

I want peace.

I am utterly abhorrent to war in the world.
I urge an end to the war in the world.

Here I would like to say a few words about the origin of May 25 World Peace Day.

Organizations affiliated to IPYG will engage in collaborative projects throughout the year, meeting once or twice annually to participate in youth conferences, meetings and summits aimed at developing practical and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing us in the pursuit of peace.

We recognize that is is only with all of our seemingly small efforts combined the we can begin to see bring results, and IPYG Peace Projects aim to involve the youth community, and bring about a sense of unity, and team work for the greater cause.

  • PEACE Walks

On May 25th, 2013 over 27,000 people gathered to create awareness and motivate others to work together for peace. This took place in the form of a peace walk in Seoul, South Korea and was covered by 13 press releases in 10 different countries. Following this event 38 other youth organizations hosted their own HWPL affiliated Organization, IPYG Peace Walk in 23 nations, and continue to do so. The Peace Walk has become an annual IPYG event.

  • World Peace Initiative
The World Peace Initiative (WPI) was a campaign aimed to model the ability of humanity to live together in peace. This campaign served to create awareness, and inspire us to pay attention to the lives around us. It proved just how different the opinions and perspectives of our neighbors can be to our own, and how in order for us to make progress we need to respect each other while finding a common ground to build upon.

  • 1st Anniversary Campaign
The First Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace has been hosted internationally by more than 77 affiliates in 37 countries up to date. On May 25, 2014 the Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace was held in Seoul and Busan, South Korea. The event was a wonderful success and celebrated the achievements of the International Peace Youth Group in their first year of working toward sustainable solutions for peace around the world

Last but not least, On "5.25 World Peace day",
the central figure and the leading spirit,
Man Hee Lee Quotes

One shouldn't just proclaim peace and sit around, 
rather run with their feet for the peace movement.
The world of peace will soon come.
We who are born in this generation have a huge sense of duty.
Everyone should share this news to their neighbors 
and allow the world of peace to fulfill a day quicker.
-HWPL, Peace Advocate Man Hee Lee Quotes

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[HWPL Peace Making Poem] Peace World, Cherry Blossom Ending

[HWPL Peace Making Poem] 
Peace World, Cherry Blossom Ending

Source: peace making cafe

[HWPL POEM] peace world, Cherry Blossom Ending

"cherry blossoms"

Cherry blossoms bloom beautifully but soon wither away.

What's the big hurry?
They've gone away with an illusion like a dream left behind.  
We have to wait for another spring to come.

But "Leaving and Waiting"

The order of nature that Old things go and a new world comes Tells us something!

In the courtyard of the globe village where there are many life stories that have got entangled,
The seeds sown with our ancestors' blood grew and red flowers bloomed.

Cherry blossoms,

The glasses of everyone's bitter life which contain entwined life stories 
Met the white spring and the sweet culture bloomed.

This is the heavenly culture that came to us like a warm spring day!

The red Iips of HWPL are giving us the fragrance of peace all over the world. 
Our story will come to a happy ending!

The world will be painted by the nuclear of love and mercy, not by a nuclear bomb!

The era of war has gone, and the era of peace has come!

“Peace be with U”
Source: peace making cafe

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Man Hee Lee Quote From Keynote Speech

Man Hee Lee Quote of HWPL

Keynote Speech during the Main Session 
of the WARP Peace Summit

HWPL, Peace advocate, Man Hee Lee quote  

Man Hee Lee is delivering a speech at Keynote Speech during the Main Session of the WARP Peace Summit

Salvation for humanity and our religious world.
In regards to this, all you people of this new generation must become  the cornerstone of a new world and create peaceful world.
For the religious leaders, the time has come for you to work for something that truly endures to eternity.
 This is to be remembered in history, and this work will truly shine in history. 

This is to be remembered in history, and this work(WARP Peace Summit) will truly shine in history.
If we all also united with one heart and mind wouldn't peace be possible?

Man Hee Lee Peace Quote

Man Hee Lee Peace Quote

Man Hee Lee Chairman Opening Speech 
From WARP Peace Summit of HWPL 1st day

My dear family members of the global community, and you the precious guest at this Peace Summit, the last duty we have to fulfill in our generation is to achieve the cessation of wars on Earth. Our final task is to achieve world peace, and leave it as an inheritance for our future generations.

There truly is nothing greater or more precious in this world. The record of this work will be remembered throughout history – an eternal, shining testimony, giving honor to all who shared in the work. Peace belongs to us all, not only to certain individuals. Let us all, therefore, become the messengers of peace, those who finally achieve world peace. 
Thank you. 

"Our final task is to achieve world peace, and leave it as an inheritance for our future generations!"
Man Hee Lee peace quote, your each and every word touched my heart with such intensity.

Peace advocate, Man Hee Lee, thank you... thank you very much~

WARP Peace Summit, HWPL Speakers

World Alliance of Religions, WARP 
2014 Peace Summit by HWPL

We are one with Peace

World Alliance of Religions: Peace Summit 2014 (WARP) officially began with an opening ceremony, which was full of splendor presented by card section performed by more than 10,000 youth, and message of peace delivered by former presidents and prominent religious leaders.

The speakers include Man Hee Lee, chairman of HWPL, chairwoman of IWPG, the Chairman of IPYG, Former President of Romania, Emil Constantinescu, Former vice President of Russia, Alexander Rutsoky, Former Prime Minister of Ireland, Bertie Ahern, and the Former President of Croatia, Stjepan Mesic.

The rest ae Deputy President of South Africa, Kgalema Petrus Motlanthe, Cardinal Archbishop of Manila, Gaudencio B. Rosales, Jathedar of the Akal Takht Giani, Gurbachan Singh and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

In his speech, Chairman Mr. Lee emphasized the role of media in achieving peace stating that, world peace cannot be achieved by only one organization or one country.

On day two of the WARP Summit (18th of September), participants will witness the historical moment of signing peace agreement by religious leaders, with former presidents signing an agreement to enact an international constitution.

Speakers WARP, 2014 Peace Summit in sequence from above

Emil Constantinescu
° Received 3 degrees from the University of Bucharest:
 - Law, Geology, and a doctorate in Geology and Geography
 - Rector of the University of Bucharest, 1992-1996

° Graduated from Gagarin Air Force Academy in Moscow, 1980
 - Vice President of Russia, July 1991 - October 1993
 - Governor of Kursk Oblast, 1996-2000

° Served as Taioseach of Ireland from 1997 to 2008
 - Led 27th Government of Ireland, June 2007 - May 2008
 - Led 26th Government of Ireland, June 2002 - June 2007
 - Led 25th Government of Ireland, June 1997 - June 2002

Stjepan Mesić
° Croatian politician who served as the second president of Croatia , 2000-2010
 - Last President of the Presidency of Yugoslavia, 1991
 - Secretary General of the Non-Aligned Movement, 1991
 - Prime Minister of Croatia, 1990

Former President of South Africa
° Gained his degree from Pholoso Primary, Anglican Missionary School
 - Leader of Government Business in the National Assembly
 - Leader of the Anti-Poverty Programme
 - Chairperson of the Energy Advisory Council - Chairperson of the Human Resource Development Council

Gaudencio B. Rosales
Cardinal Archbishop Emeritus of Manila
 - 2004 Gusi Peace Prize in Religion Field
 - Founder of the Pondong Batangan, a value-based community foundation
 - Organized the Lipa Archdiocesan General Pastoral Assembly - First Manila Interdiocesan General Pastoral Assembly (MIGPAS) in 2004
 - Represent CBCP in three World Synods of Bishops (1990, 1997, 2001).

Dr. Ibrahim Saleh Al-Naimi
Chairman of The Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue (DICID)
° Gained his degree from Pholoso Primary, Anglican Missionary School
 - President of University Senate, Qatar University
 - Board Member of the Centre for Research on Muslim Contributions to Civilization
 - Member of the Supreme Council of Education, Qatar

° Head Granthi (priest) of Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple)
 - The supreme religious authority of the Sikhs, based in Amritsar, Punjab, India
 - Served in the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) since 1972

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
Founder of This World-Jewish Values Network and Op-ed Contributer to The Wall Street Journal, The Jerusalem Post
- Hosted 2006 TV Series “Shalom in the Home” on TLC
 - Author of 30 books
 - Has made Numerous guest appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and other television programs
 - The London Times Preacher of the Year Award at the Millennium
- The American Jewish Press Association’s Highest Award for Excellence in Commentary

Friday, April 24, 2015

HWPL, WARP Summit: Religion Bring Peace

World Leaders: Religion 
Can Bring People Together

HWPL, WARP Summit: Religion Bring Peace

Peace Ceremony~ Together~ Peace Victory~ 

The World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit (“WARP Summit”), began on September 17th 2014, in South Korea under the auspices of the Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (“HWPL”), and its two subsidiary organisations, the International Women’s Peace Group (“IWPG”), and the International Peace Youth Group (“IPYG”). 

The WARP Summit is first and foremost a meeting held between different leaders of the world, including prominent figures in both secular and spiritual sectors of society, in order to discuss and share insights on how to achieve world peace. Without discussion, the perceived social boundaries of ethnicity, culture, nationality, religion, and language will continue to pose a threat to the security of our future, as these differences are easily exploited to encourage violent behavior. 

The summit is being organised in the hopes of creating a platform for dialogue between community leaders on national, cultural, spiritual, and ethnic levels. Such dialogue will pave the way to the creation of a universally applicable value system, reflected and implemented across all perceived social boundaries through an international law designed to eliminate war-activity from our world. 

In order to achieve this goal, the summit will have two focal points. First will be the discussion and signing of an agreement for cooperation between leaders of essentially secular communities (countries, cultural, and ethnic groups). Secondly, discussion with religious leaders regarding the ways in which to align the fundamental value systems of each represented religious teaching such that its doctrines might no longer be used to promote violent behavior. This unified system of values, applicable to all religious systems, is what HWPL refers to as the World Alliance of Religions, or the unification of religion. 

Over the course of the past two years, HWPL has been actively engaging prominent leaders of both secular and religious communities around the world in discussions pertaining to their role in the achievement of world peace. This summit is the natural result of such meetings and a time in which each person with whom HWPL has met, is invited to share his or her insight into the best course of action for us as the family of humanity to take in order to secure a peaceful and prosperous future for the generations to come.

On 17th of September, participants of WARP peace summit were  treated to spectacular speeches from important figures such as Emil Constantinescu (Former President of Romania), Stjepan Mesic (Former President of Croatia), Marisol Espinoza (Vice President of Peru), Gaudencio Borbon Rosales (Cardinal of Archdiocese of Manila).

If we can abolish the International law that allows for the declaration of war, then in reality peace can arise. This is an amazing method to achieve peace! Thinking of a strategy that no other peacemaker has thought of such a thing, we support Man Hee Lee peace leader of HWPL.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Global Peace Summit by HWPL: WARP

Global Peace Summit by HWPL

Why were we taking part in 
WARP Peace Summit?

On the third day, the Walk for World Peace was held at the World Peace Gate of Seoul’s Olympic Park, with a huge crowd estimated at a staggering 200 000 people from both the host nation and abroad taking part in it.

The summit, the first-ever such gathering, was hosted by the HWPL, a non-profit, non-governmental international organisation registered under the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It was also the largest ever such event where politicians, religious people and representatives of various interested organisations from around the world congregated in one place to strategies and pray about world peace.

Peace activist Man Hee Lee, a Korean war veteran and renowned peace advocate, founded HWPL after his extensive involvements with numerous volunteer associations, having seen the need for a foundation whose central focus is to unite the people of the world behind the goal of peace irrespective of any apparent differences between them.

He has completed 13 world tours, encompassing more than 60 different countries spanning all continents, to speak with opinion leaders about peace. These leaders around the world have signed their names under the Declaration of Peace, showing their support for the movement.

In the Philippines, for example, there was conflict between Catholic and Islamic groups for 40 years, which saw 100 000 people dying due to this conflict. 
On January 24, 2014, Lee went to Mindanao and helped to solve the conflict, with the Catholic and Islamic leaders signing a peace agreement and agreeing to unite and put an end to their rivalry.

In a recent letter ahead of the summit, peace advocate of HWPL, Man Hee Lee implored "all family members of the global village" to work for the achievement of world peace in our generation.

Hilda Mari van Niekerk, the South African-based regional spokesperson of the Seoul summit, outlined some of the goals of HWPL and WARP as:

  • To begin the process of establishing a universally applicable system of values focusing on aspects of morality and experience of life that bind us together as a global family;
  • Establish a basic ideological foundation upon which a World Alliance of Religions can be built in order to bring conflicts founded on differing religious ideologies to an end; and
  • To define the roles of cultural leaders, both secular and religious, in the creation and implementation of a new, heavenly culture. 

Global Peace Summit by HWPL, Success!

Global peace summit by HWPL,
a massive success!

The World Alliance of Religions for Peace (WARP) summit that was held in Seoul, South Korea last week was a runaway success which saw hundreds of thousands of people participating in the global event.

Among the influential international players who graced the auspicious gathering were more than 50 political leaders, including former and current heads of states from 30 countries, as well as about 700 religious leaders from 120 countries and over 600 members of the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) representing 150 countries.

The summit's colourful opening ceremony was held at the iconic Seoul Olympic Stadium, while the signing ceremony of the solemn and highly significant Unity of Religion Agreement was held at the Seoul Convention Center the next day.

More than 2000 prominent people from around the world -- transcending nationality, race and religion -- signed the peace agreement that exhorted global religions to unite and also called for an international law for the cessation of all wars.

It also called on all the signatories to the agreement to become global peace advocates who should endeavour to deliver on this mandate to all people around the world and encourage humanity to co-operate in the work of achieving international peace.

As the agreement was read aloud, it was emphasised that peace could not be achieved by one individual but could be realised through the unity of all people working together as one.

Man Hee Lee, the chairman of the Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL), expressed deep regret over the current unsatisfactory state of religion generally around the world.

Religious leaders can teach religion properly only if they know about it themselves. Church is not a place where worldly things are taught, but it is for teaching things of heaven and God. “Before saying which religion is good and which religion is bad, we must first see whether our own religion is corrupt. Theology is not the teachings of man,
he said to enthusiastic applause.

Chairwoman of IWPG, the International Women’s Peace Group chairperson, told the global meeting that while the agreement was only the beginning, it had the power to unite all people and to turn the whole world into one of peace.

This one piece of paper connects one country with another and unites different classes and different religions as one. This generation is in need of change that is close to reformation. In creating a peaceful world and leaving it as an eternal legacy to future generations, today’s signing ceremony is very significant, she said.

To be continued......

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

By HWPL, WARP Peace Summit and Peace Walk

WARP Peace Summit 
and  Peace Walk by HWPL

WARP Peace Summit, On September 19th 2014, Peace Walk at Peace Gate

More than 2 million people around the world to participate in signing a peace agreement. 
On the summit World Alliance of peace, religion, or WARP, held in Seoul, South Korea.

On 17-19 September 2014, has had the summit. World Alliance of peace, religion, or WARP held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, is host to the world peace. And restoration of light or HWPL which is attended by more than 50 political leaders. Past and Present Ministers from 30 countries, more than 680 religious leaders from 120 countries, more than 600 members of the Youth International Peace (IPYG) from 150 countries and more than 200 journalists from over 100 media organizations in 80 countries and is the first day of the summit WARP ceremony. open and show at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul and the 2nd day of the conference, has signed an agreement unity of religions held at 63 Meeting in Seoul.

Summit World Alliance of peace, religion, or WARP is considered the biggest event of the politicians of religion, and representatives from various organizations around the world to participate. The Summit This is the result of Mr. Lee. World Peace Tour Serves as the foundation for the entire war to mingle. And contribute to world peace. The agreement states that religious leaders must unite their religion is one of the building in order to bring the war to an end. And let the peace of the world for generations to come. And representatives of the United Nations should make every effort to enact law. For the cessation of all hostilities and contribute to world peace. It also states that the signer will become an advocate for peace at this news to people all over the world and encourage them to cooperate in the work of achieving world peace. An agreement that has been read aloud, it was emphasized again that peace can not be achieved by any one. But the success of the unity of all working together as one.

The Peace advocate Lee Man Hee (Man Hee Lee) who hosted the president of HWPL expressed deep regret over the present state of religion. And stressed Religion is a good thing and that religion is bad, we have to see that religion itself is damaged. Fair, not the teachings of men. Which Mr. Lee has called on politicians to support in respect of policies and laws.        

Then Chairwoman of IWPG, president of the International Women's Peace Group (IWPG) said the agreement is only the beginning. It has enormous power to include contracts with one another and open either. World into a world of peace. This one piece of paper that connect one country to another, and together the different classes and different religions.        

There was a path to world peace. World Peace was held at the gate of Seoul's Olympic Park. An estimated 200,000 people attended from all over the world. Attending this conference.

Peace Ceremony of HWPL members

Peace Ceremony 
of HWPL members

Peace Ceremony

So cool~! Peace Ceremony of HWPL members
Very nice~♡ Peace Ceremony of HWPL a member
 Peace Ceremony of Religious leaders
Peace Ceremony of HWPL a member 
(Mindanao's Muslim provincial governor Esmael Mangudatatu.)
Peace Ceremony of HWPL a member
  Peace Ceremony of HWPL a member with traditional dancer
Together~ Peace Ceremony of HWPL members^^
 Peace Ceremony of IPYG members
 Peace Ceremony of IPYG members
 Peace Ceremony of HWPL members
 Peace Ceremony of IPYG members
 Together~ Victory~.~Peace Ceremony 
Peace Victory~ Peace Ceremony of HWPL a member
Oh! ye~h~ Victory! Peace Ceremony of HWPL members
I WANT want Peace!  Peace Ceremony of HWPL a member
We wnat Peace! Peace Ceremony of IPY members
Peace Ceremony of IWPG members

Let's do all together like this, "Peace Victory~!"

Let's all do together like this, Peace Ceremony