Friday, March 27, 2015

HWPL, WARP and Goals of the Summit


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Today, I will give a brief introduction of HWPL and WARP.

HWPL is an international organization whose mandate it is to see the cessation of wars, and HWPL was hosting the Summit for the World Alliance of Religions in Seoul, South Korea.

And ... WARP is World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit.
This Summit was held in a congenial and harmonious atmosphere.

Let’s find out more about the goals of the summit

  • Goals of the summit 

16~19, Sept. 2014
Seoul, South Korea
1. To begin the process of establishing a universally applicable system of values focusing on aspects of morality and experience of life that bind us together as a global family.

 2. Establish a basic ideological foundation upon which a World Alliance of Religions can be built in order to bring conflicts founded on differing religious ideologies to an end.

 3. Draft and publicly make the Declaration of the World Alliance of Religions.

 4. Define the roles of cultural leaders, both secular and religious, in the creation and implementation of a new, heavenly culture.

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