Monday, March 30, 2015

HWPL Creed and Purpose

Creed and Purpose of HWPL

Over 90% wars are caused or motivated by religious differences

With the achievement of peace as a fundamental teaching across world religions and the desire for peace in each of its adherents, it leads one to ask, “why has peace not been achieved?” In fact, over 90% of wars are religiously motivated, often setting to flame a mire of other complex political, socio-economic tensions. Our interreligious programs are designed for earnest dialogue, a means to define commonalities, reach mutual understandings and create opportunities to work together.

1. We honor the will of Heaven and teach according to it.
2. Our purpose is the end of war and world peace
3. We are a family that transcends all boundaries, races, and religions.
4. We achieve the integration of women’s and youth organizations of every nation around the world
5. We fulfill what was proclaimed in the Declaration of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light
6. We transmit our message to the people of the global village through press reports

Religion addresses the Key Values of Peace, Love, Life, Truth, Eternity
If so ......

We believe in beginning the path to peace of inter religious dialogue and communication by standing together on the common grounds of truth, life, love, peace and eternity.

Through the preservation and protection of these virtues, our discussions and programs can effectively be implemented for sustainable peace.

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