Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Korean Poem "A Geomungo"

▶ A Geomungo ◀
Korean Poem

by Kim Yong rang(1902~1950)
Kim Yong rang, whose real name is Kim Yun Sik
The birth place of him is in Jeollanam-do Gangjin

While the year has changed twenty times
my giraffe has stayed
leaning against the black wall,
never able to sing.

The hand of the old man that
once plucked at its heart now occupies a lofty place
in endless banquets above, while you, lonely giraffe,
here below, seem almost forgotten now.

Outside are wild lands where packs of wolves roam,
groups of apes gambol, only human in appearance,
so there is nowhere my giraffe can lay
its heart, rest its body.

Once more the year has changed,
still leaning against the wall,
the door shut tight,
tonight again my giraffe is unable to sing freely.

"A Geomungo" The Poem of Kim Yongrang, is singing likened to Geomungo also not afford voices crying with confidence the gloomy of freedom the era that had received suppression of Japan colonial era when it was published in 1939.

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