Sunday, December 14, 2014

To Make the Happy Future

The wisdom to make the happy future

Once upon a time, there was a rich man.
He was a very good man.
He had a slave.
His name was Kris.
The slave worked very faithfully for his master.
So, the rich man was pleased with his slave.

One day, the rich man decided to free his slave Kris.
He went to the field.
And he looked at his slave for a long time.
His slave worked all the time.
He did not stop working.
The master called his slave.

"Kris~ come!"
The slave Kris was surprised because he came.
"Master, I'm here. The weather is not fine today. Take care of your health. What do you want from me?"
"I have a grateful heart to you." The master said.
"I became rich because of you. You worked very hard for me."
"No, sir, don't mention it. This is my duty."
"You always answered like that, ha ha ha ha ha."
The master laughed out loud.
"Now, listen to me very carefully."
"Yes, master."
"You are not my slave anymore from now on."
The master said.
"Sir, I, I beg your pardon." Kris asked.
"I said, you are not my slave, you are free now."
The master answered.
"No, sir. I'm your slave until death."
Kris said.
"That's enough!" The master said.
You finished all works for me. Go to the beach and you will see a boat. There are many things in the boat. Those are my rewards to you. Sell those things and live."
"Master, I can't believe it." The slave said.
"Thank you very much. I will never forget your grace."
Finally, the slave left his master.

The slave was so happy and he had a big dream.
'I will be the rich like my master and help many people...'
He thought.
But unfortunately, he faced the storm that night.

He suffered a few days.
He survived after the storm but he lost everything.
He reached an island.
After a while, many people came to him and said.
"welcome to this island. You are our king."
"Am I your king? Why?" Kris asked.

"If a person comes across this ocean, he will become our king. This is the law of this island."
So, he became the king of the island.
He ruled the island very well and people honored him.
Then one day, he knew the socking law of the island.
After one year, the king will have to move the another island.
That was a desert island.
He searched more.
Surprisingly, all kings died in the desert island.
Because there was not any food in the island.
'I am in trouble.' He thought.

'Yes, I have a good idea.'
From that time, he often visited the desert island with many islands.
He dug a well, planted many kinds of trees, and even built a nice and big house.
At last, one year passed.
People came to the king and said, "According to our law, you must move to another island."
"Yes, I will follow the law." He said.
He left the island and moved to the desert island.
But he did not die in the desert island.
Because the desert island was changed like paradise already.
Kris lived there happily for a long time.

There is a lesson we can learn from this story~.
Only those who predict, and prepare for, the future can survive.