Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Origin of Kimchi

Mellow Kimchi
The Origin of Kimchi

The World Loves Kimchi!
Today, many people all over the world enjoy eating Kimchi.
Korea's Food, Kimchi, most people around the world know kimchi, traditional Korean dish.
Do you like Kimchi?

Now, let me introduce you to <The Origin of Kimchi>

There lived enlightened master who was served by a young practitioner. The young spiritual practitioner had only one thought in his mind, "What can  I do for the enlightened master so that he can plant even greater merit before Buddha and the Heavens?"

He thought deeply about how the enlightened master might eat well so that he could maintain his health. The young spiritual practitioner was aware that the radish is a very nutritious vegetable. One spring day, he mixed various vegetables together in a flavored sauce. He then cut a radish into thin slices, soaked them in water, and added salt, letting flower petals float upon the water.

When he ate it, the radish tasted too sharp and bitter. He tried salting the radish itself, but sill it did not taster very good.

He persevered, however, and at last conceived the idea of putting the salted radish into and earthen jar and allowing it to ferment for a while. This way, the radish was preserved by the salt, and was able to ferment inside the jar. When he took it out and ate it, it tasted good. This is how kimchi was first made.

Kimchi has been indispensable to Koreans over the thousands of years since it was created. As a fermented food that is low in fat but rich in vitamins and fiber, and also contains probiotics, it has received much attention from people all over the world for its health benefits.

Kimchi dishes based on the nutritious soy bean and radish, were created out of the deep reverence of young spiritual practitioners, who served their teachers with all their mind and body.