Monday, December 1, 2014


Islam's Advance Base, 'Mindanao'

This is the continuation of 'History of the Philippines' ~ ... ~

83% of Filipinos are Roman Catholic believers, 9% are Christian, and 5% are Muslims. Most of the people are Catholic believers, however the foreign religion which first arrived in the Philippines was Islam.
When the Malaysians settled down Mindanao, the Philippines, in the 14th century, Islam was propagated all over the Philippines. Islam in Mindanao is deep-rooted, as even most of the Muslim population of the Philippines reside in Mindanao. The population of Mindanao is about 22 million, 63% of them are Catholic and 32% are Muslim. Most of the Muslim reside in the southern part of Mindanao.

Conflict between Islam and Catholic in the Phillippines started since the 16th century when Spain started to colonized the Phillippines.

Among them, the natives of Mindanao who wanted to protect Islam resisted against the government which intended to propagate Catholic Since 1899, when the number of Christian rapidly increased due to the  donation of America, the natives of Mindanao experienced conflict with the Catholic and Christian as well. Here, when the Philippine government encouraged the residents of other region to immigrate to Mindanao since 1939, the conflict between the immigrants and the natives of Mindanao became more serious. Most of the immigrants were Catholic, and their language was different from that of the natives of Mindanao.

Bloody conflict of Zamboanga on Mindanao
The residents of Mindanao's struggle against the government, who have protected Islam from Catholic and Christianity for a long time headed towards bloody conflict. The point when the conflict was deepened to bloody conflict was when Nur Misuari, who was a politics lecturer at Philippine University, organized Moro National Liberation Front(MNLF) in the early 1970s. MNLF and Muslim armed groups have underwent struggles against the government, demanding Mindanao's separation and independence. Recently, Mindanao backed down insistence on separation and independence, however it has continued struggle, demanding expansion of autonomous right. Bloody conflict which has continued for over 40 years brought out a horrible result by depriving around 140,000 lives.

Like this, where peace could not come,......  coming soon^^