Monday, December 8, 2014

Korean Poem, Han Yong-un's 'Your Silence'

※ The "Your" symbolizes "My Lord, My homeland, My fatherland,
My country, My nation, truth, nature, love and so on" in this poem.

My Lord’s Silence

Han Yong-un(1879~1944)

My Lord has gone. O, my dear Lord has left.

Breaking away the azure color of mounts, my Lord has departed on foot.

On the tiny trail toward maple woods, hesitantly dragging himself away.

The age-old oath, firm and gleaming like golden flowers, turned to chaff

And with a of sigh of breeze, it was blown away.

The memory of a jolting first kiss that changed the direction of my fate,
Now has disappeared, walking backward.

My eyes and ears were numbed by your sweet words and flowery face.

For love is a human affair, about parting I was nor unwary nor without caution.
Yet my Lord’s departure was sudden, and my startled heart burst into sorrow.

Even so, for I know letting this parting 'bootless source of tears'
Might itself blight the spirit of my love,
I changed gear of the force in this unbearable sorrow
And poured it into the vertex(the crown of the head) of “New Hope”.

As we care about parting when we meet, so do we believe in "reunion" when we part.

Ah, my Lord has left, yet I’ve not sent him.

The melodious love tune, not able to overcome its own rhyme
Just circles around in My Lord’s Silence.

Today's Korean Poem : Your Silence,
My Lord's Silence....
 by Han Yoong Un