Saturday, December 13, 2014

A persuasive Matchmaker

A persuasive Matchmaker

-Depends on how you think-

Do not think of only the negative sides, but the positive sides!

A matchmaker has a point. 
Read this Talmud story ^^

There was a successful business old man.
A matchmaker introduced a pretty woman to him.
And the woman proposed to him.
But before he accept her propose,
he heard a shocking news.
She was not a virgin.

Moreover, she had three children.
The man was angry.
He hated the matchmaker for not to say this fact.
He immediately went to the matchmaker.

"Wow, who is this? Did you decide the marriage?"
The matchmaker said gladly.
"What are you talking about? Are you kidding me?"
The man said.
"Am I kidding you?"
"Not only she was not a virgin, but also she had three children!"
"So, how lucky you are!"

"Listen to me."

The matchmaker said calmly.
"Okay let me hear the reason." The man said.
"As I know, you said that you are so busy with your business, right?"
"Yes, I did."
"So, did you want a good wife?"
"Yes, and did you worry about having babies because you are not young?"
"Though she is a widow she is very good and sincere. She is the woman that you were looking for. And her three children are so lovely. Of course, I understand your mind. But if you have babies from now on, to grow them well is not easy. When your wife is expecting a first baby, you will have to care her with all your concern. And after your baby was born, still you must devote all your time and your heart. During you go through the hard course three times, the problem can happen to one of your children or your wife from time to time."

"Hmm... I come to know that you have a point, but there is something wrong with it."
The man still felt bad.

"If you marry her, you will be a lucky man."
The matchmaker kept talking.
"Do not think of only the negative sides, but the positive sides. As you receive a woman, you also receive three children like angels. The children will grow up and they will be your joy and your business will prosper through them.
In conclusion, you will get the perfect marriage.
After marriage, you don't need to worry about having babies.
You will make the perfect family with this marriage."

Soon, his face got bright.

"After listening to your saying and thinking, I got a good wife and three children at the same time. I am so lucky."
At once, I am going to see her.
And I will accept her propose.
Thank you very much for introducing such a good woman.
Please come to the wedding party. We will invite you.
"Of course. I will."
The matchmaker said with a joy.

The man bought a beautiful ring and bunch of flowers.
And he went to her and proposed, and raised a beautiful family and lived very happily ever after.

-by the Talmud-



  1. Yes. I know this story. We must have that mental.

  2. let see the bright side at everything!

  3. Wow Warm story !
    It depends on what you think :) good or bad..

  4. All of it is , there depending on state of mind