Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love

There was once a wicked son who lived with his widowed mother. The older she became, the wearier he grew of taking care of her.

One day, the son said to his mother in a gentle voice,
“Mother, would you like to go to the river with me today?”
“Of course!” his mother replied, delighted.
“The fish in the river are really beautiful to see,” said the son, who was in fact planning
to abandon his aged mother.

hey made their way towards the river, and when he had brought her to the river’s edge, the son pointed to the deep water and said,
“Look beneath the surface. Can you see many fish?”
As soon as she stepped into the river and leaned over to peer at the fish, the son immediately let go of her hand. The mother, however, instinctively grabbed on to her son’s
clothing. At that moment, a scholar who was passing by and had witnessed this came running over.

“Look here! What were you trying to do?” he shouted at the son, intending to hit him with his fist. 
At that moment, the mother stepped in between her son and the scholar and said to him indignantly,
“Leave him alone! What crime has my son committed that you should try to hit him?”

Confused, the scholar replied, “Was not he about to push you into the river?”
The woman took her son’s hand and replied,
“You are mistaken. In fact, I was about to throw myself into the river, but my son rushed all the way from home to stop me.”

The son could only lower his head in shame, and the scholar could not say anything.

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