Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ha Ha~ Merry Christmas to you

Have a very Merry Christmas~♪ 
and a very very Happy New Year~♬

Merry Christmas to you

May all your dreams for the coming year 
be fulfilled and may you find joy and love.~♪

We hope that this Christmas will be for you
a cheerful ending to the year and a great
beginning to a happy new one.

May God bless you and your family
on this very special day.

Merry Christmas, with love from all of us.~ ♬

May this Christmas be filled with lots of
presents but more importantly lots of love
from the ones that matter most.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

May it bring you joy, happiness
and everything else you deserve.

My wish for you this Christmas is that
love finds you in all that you do this season.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~

Sunday, December 21, 2014

To Feed Good or Evil

'To Be or Not to Be; That is the Question'

I opened this story by quoting from Shakespeare, 
but, I am saying this;

To Feed the 'Good(Peace)' or 
To Feed the 'Evil(War)', 
This is the Question 

At this story, we can think deeply of human 
internal conflict between good and evil

Open sesame! 
Open this story~ 
Here we go! 

A fight is going on inside me.

It is a terrible fight and 
it is between two wolves.

One is evil.

He is anger, envy, sorrow, regret,
 greed, arrogance, self-pity,guilt,
 resentment, inferiority, 
lies false pride, superiority...

And ego.

The other is good.

He is joy, peace, love, hope,
serenity, humility, kindness, 
benevolence, empathy, generosity, 
truth, compassion...... 

and Faith. 

The same fight is going on inside you.

and inside every other person, too.

Which wolf will win?

The one you feed.

Opt for Peace (Good) or War (Evil)~!
Choose rather to be Good of Peace than War of Evil~!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

To Make the Happy Future

The wisdom to make the happy future

Once upon a time, there was a rich man.
He was a very good man.
He had a slave.
His name was Kris.
The slave worked very faithfully for his master.
So, the rich man was pleased with his slave.

One day, the rich man decided to free his slave Kris.
He went to the field.
And he looked at his slave for a long time.
His slave worked all the time.
He did not stop working.
The master called his slave.

"Kris~ come!"
The slave Kris was surprised because he came.
"Master, I'm here. The weather is not fine today. Take care of your health. What do you want from me?"
"I have a grateful heart to you." The master said.
"I became rich because of you. You worked very hard for me."
"No, sir, don't mention it. This is my duty."
"You always answered like that, ha ha ha ha ha."
The master laughed out loud.
"Now, listen to me very carefully."
"Yes, master."
"You are not my slave anymore from now on."
The master said.
"Sir, I, I beg your pardon." Kris asked.
"I said, you are not my slave, you are free now."
The master answered.
"No, sir. I'm your slave until death."
Kris said.
"That's enough!" The master said.
You finished all works for me. Go to the beach and you will see a boat. There are many things in the boat. Those are my rewards to you. Sell those things and live."
"Master, I can't believe it." The slave said.
"Thank you very much. I will never forget your grace."
Finally, the slave left his master.

The slave was so happy and he had a big dream.
'I will be the rich like my master and help many people...'
He thought.
But unfortunately, he faced the storm that night.

He suffered a few days.
He survived after the storm but he lost everything.
He reached an island.
After a while, many people came to him and said.
"welcome to this island. You are our king."
"Am I your king? Why?" Kris asked.

"If a person comes across this ocean, he will become our king. This is the law of this island."
So, he became the king of the island.
He ruled the island very well and people honored him.
Then one day, he knew the socking law of the island.
After one year, the king will have to move the another island.
That was a desert island.
He searched more.
Surprisingly, all kings died in the desert island.
Because there was not any food in the island.
'I am in trouble.' He thought.

'Yes, I have a good idea.'
From that time, he often visited the desert island with many islands.
He dug a well, planted many kinds of trees, and even built a nice and big house.
At last, one year passed.
People came to the king and said, "According to our law, you must move to another island."
"Yes, I will follow the law." He said.
He left the island and moved to the desert island.
But he did not die in the desert island.
Because the desert island was changed like paradise already.
Kris lived there happily for a long time.

There is a lesson we can learn from this story~.
Only those who predict, and prepare for, the future can survive.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

A persuasive Matchmaker

A persuasive Matchmaker

-Depends on how you think-

Do not think of only the negative sides, but the positive sides!

A matchmaker has a point. 
Read this Talmud story ^^

There was a successful business old man.
A matchmaker introduced a pretty woman to him.
And the woman proposed to him.
But before he accept her propose,
he heard a shocking news.
She was not a virgin.

Moreover, she had three children.
The man was angry.
He hated the matchmaker for not to say this fact.
He immediately went to the matchmaker.

"Wow, who is this? Did you decide the marriage?"
The matchmaker said gladly.
"What are you talking about? Are you kidding me?"
The man said.
"Am I kidding you?"
"Not only she was not a virgin, but also she had three children!"
"So, how lucky you are!"

"Listen to me."

The matchmaker said calmly.
"Okay let me hear the reason." The man said.
"As I know, you said that you are so busy with your business, right?"
"Yes, I did."
"So, did you want a good wife?"
"Yes, and did you worry about having babies because you are not young?"
"Though she is a widow she is very good and sincere. She is the woman that you were looking for. And her three children are so lovely. Of course, I understand your mind. But if you have babies from now on, to grow them well is not easy. When your wife is expecting a first baby, you will have to care her with all your concern. And after your baby was born, still you must devote all your time and your heart. During you go through the hard course three times, the problem can happen to one of your children or your wife from time to time."

"Hmm... I come to know that you have a point, but there is something wrong with it."
The man still felt bad.

"If you marry her, you will be a lucky man."
The matchmaker kept talking.
"Do not think of only the negative sides, but the positive sides. As you receive a woman, you also receive three children like angels. The children will grow up and they will be your joy and your business will prosper through them.
In conclusion, you will get the perfect marriage.
After marriage, you don't need to worry about having babies.
You will make the perfect family with this marriage."

Soon, his face got bright.

"After listening to your saying and thinking, I got a good wife and three children at the same time. I am so lucky."
At once, I am going to see her.
And I will accept her propose.
Thank you very much for introducing such a good woman.
Please come to the wedding party. We will invite you.
"Of course. I will."
The matchmaker said with a joy.

The man bought a beautiful ring and bunch of flowers.
And he went to her and proposed, and raised a beautiful family and lived very happily ever after.

-by the Talmud-


Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love

There was once a wicked son who lived with his widowed mother. The older she became, the wearier he grew of taking care of her.

One day, the son said to his mother in a gentle voice,
“Mother, would you like to go to the river with me today?”
“Of course!” his mother replied, delighted.
“The fish in the river are really beautiful to see,” said the son, who was in fact planning
to abandon his aged mother.

hey made their way towards the river, and when he had brought her to the river’s edge, the son pointed to the deep water and said,
“Look beneath the surface. Can you see many fish?”
As soon as she stepped into the river and leaned over to peer at the fish, the son immediately let go of her hand. The mother, however, instinctively grabbed on to her son’s
clothing. At that moment, a scholar who was passing by and had witnessed this came running over.

“Look here! What were you trying to do?” he shouted at the son, intending to hit him with his fist. 
At that moment, the mother stepped in between her son and the scholar and said to him indignantly,
“Leave him alone! What crime has my son committed that you should try to hit him?”

Confused, the scholar replied, “Was not he about to push you into the river?”
The woman took her son’s hand and replied,
“You are mistaken. In fact, I was about to throw myself into the river, but my son rushed all the way from home to stop me.”

The son could only lower his head in shame, and the scholar could not say anything.

. . . . . .                                                                    of 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014




Korea is a nation that has always loved peace and has done everything in its power top reserve it. 

Based on the teachings of Hong-ik-In-gan(in Korean), which means one should “live and act for the benefit of all mankind”, reverence for the Heavens and respect for human life is deeply rooted in the spirit of the Korean people.

Traditionally, large family households consisting of more than three generations were very common in Korean society. 

Within these large families, elder family members looked
after younger family members, and children learned to treat their elders with respect. 

They also learned to put the interests of others first and take care of their younger siblings. 

Such an upbringing serves as the basis for an attitude that places the good of one’s neighbor and society above one’s own. It also serves as a foundation for the willingness to sacrifice oneself for one’s country.

Tomorrow will be joined "A Mother’s Love"

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Horse Hauls in the Peace

The Blue Horse Hauls 
in the Peace

2015 is the year of the sheep and the sign for peace.
The year of the horse 2014 is gradually passing away.

The world was busier than other years and it was a year where there were numerous conflicts and wars. The differences in ideologies, cultures, and religions cause wars, and the Ebola outbreak instilled anxiety and fear throughout the world.

As a result, precious lives that cannot be exchanged with anything in the world had to helplessly die, and people killing people has become a trivial matter in the culture of this generation.

The problem is no one wants to take responsibility for this kind of tragic culture and no one actually can. Furthermore, the greater problem lies in the fact that no one can resolve this problem.

The United Nations (UN) was founded on October 24, 1945 after World War Ⅱ ended.
Its mission was to regulate and solve conflicts and wars so that there would be on more wars in this world. However, it has become nominal.
There is no article or provision that can end wars and an ambiguous concept of peace has continued until now.

Don't people know that a war cant  be a tool to stop wars? There is a passage from one of the scriptures that states, "If anyone kills with the sword, with the sword he must be killed." People need to first recognize the conflicts and wars in the world today is caused by polities (foreign relations) and religions.

Politically, the heads of state must enact and international law for the cessation of wars on this globe and the creation of world peace.
In addition, all the eyes have witnessed that wars are caused by the difference in religions.

Thus, all the religions in this world must be united as one under the creator of the universe and all things. We should not think this is impossible.
If we truly want peace instead of wars, it can happen. If we do it, it will happen.
It is no longer and ambiguous notion of peace. There is an answer to achieve peace.

2014 is passing away and 2015, the year of the sheep, is just around the corner. Like a pure and gentle sheep, let us believe that peace will certainly come to us in 2015 and let us create a culture of peace.
Thank you.

  from 'Maru' current view

Monday, December 8, 2014

Korean Poem, Han Yong-un's 'Your Silence'

※ The "Your" symbolizes "My Lord, My homeland, My fatherland,
My country, My nation, truth, nature, love and so on" in this poem.

My Lord’s Silence

Han Yong-un(1879~1944)

My Lord has gone. O, my dear Lord has left.

Breaking away the azure color of mounts, my Lord has departed on foot.

On the tiny trail toward maple woods, hesitantly dragging himself away.

The age-old oath, firm and gleaming like golden flowers, turned to chaff

And with a of sigh of breeze, it was blown away.

The memory of a jolting first kiss that changed the direction of my fate,
Now has disappeared, walking backward.

My eyes and ears were numbed by your sweet words and flowery face.

For love is a human affair, about parting I was nor unwary nor without caution.
Yet my Lord’s departure was sudden, and my startled heart burst into sorrow.

Even so, for I know letting this parting 'bootless source of tears'
Might itself blight the spirit of my love,
I changed gear of the force in this unbearable sorrow
And poured it into the vertex(the crown of the head) of “New Hope”.

As we care about parting when we meet, so do we believe in "reunion" when we part.

Ah, my Lord has left, yet I’ve not sent him.

The melodious love tune, not able to overcome its own rhyme
Just circles around in My Lord’s Silence.

Today's Korean Poem : Your Silence,
My Lord's Silence....
 by Han Yoong Un

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Origin of Kimchi

Mellow Kimchi
The Origin of Kimchi

The World Loves Kimchi!
Today, many people all over the world enjoy eating Kimchi.
Korea's Food, Kimchi, most people around the world know kimchi, traditional Korean dish.
Do you like Kimchi?

Now, let me introduce you to <The Origin of Kimchi>

There lived enlightened master who was served by a young practitioner. The young spiritual practitioner had only one thought in his mind, "What can  I do for the enlightened master so that he can plant even greater merit before Buddha and the Heavens?"

He thought deeply about how the enlightened master might eat well so that he could maintain his health. The young spiritual practitioner was aware that the radish is a very nutritious vegetable. One spring day, he mixed various vegetables together in a flavored sauce. He then cut a radish into thin slices, soaked them in water, and added salt, letting flower petals float upon the water.

When he ate it, the radish tasted too sharp and bitter. He tried salting the radish itself, but sill it did not taster very good.

He persevered, however, and at last conceived the idea of putting the salted radish into and earthen jar and allowing it to ferment for a while. This way, the radish was preserved by the salt, and was able to ferment inside the jar. When he took it out and ate it, it tasted good. This is how kimchi was first made.

Kimchi has been indispensable to Koreans over the thousands of years since it was created. As a fermented food that is low in fat but rich in vitamins and fiber, and also contains probiotics, it has received much attention from people all over the world for its health benefits.

Kimchi dishes based on the nutritious soy bean and radish, were created out of the deep reverence of young spiritual practitioners, who served their teachers with all their mind and body.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Man Hee Lee said "War is not ..."

Land of dispute, 'the Flower of Peace', blossomed in Mindanao, the Philippines

 Man Hee Lee, A Korean who awakened,
"War is not God's will"

Like a miracle, a flower of peace blossomed in Mindanao, the a Philippines, the land of dispute, which was filled with only the sound of gunshots.

On January 24, a private peace agreement was made in Mindanao, which put an end to  40 years' bloody conflict.

Compared to the blood conflict of Mindanao in the meantime, the private peace agreement is an unbelievable result.
Now, let's view a Korean peace activist, known as the hidden leading role of the process of Mindanao peace agreement and peace agreement, who is receiving international community's attention.

Like this, a news that an official peace agreement was made in Mindanao, where peace could not come, was conveyed by a foreign press on January 25. And after a few days, a private peace agreement was made on 24, the day before the official peace agreement, and a surprising news was told that the hidden leading role was a Korean. The person was the representative Man Hee Lee of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light(HWPL), who was known as a peace Advocate. How could Mr. Lee cease 40 years' bloody conflict at once, as the person of the third nation?

Representative Lee Man Hee's visit to Mindanao was made by the archbishop Antonio Ledesma Kagayandre's long time plea, who met Mr. Lee in the Philippines in the last year. Representative Lee, who arrived in Mindanao on January 24~25, proceeded World peace youth walk together with around 1,000 participants including university students of Mindanao state university, members of international youth organization, and the leaders of various religions in the downtown of general Santos in the Philippines, for the first time in Mindanao, transcending religion and nationality.

After finishing walkathon, the participants of the walkathon, i.e. university students of Mindanao state university, each youth organization, mayor, professors, religious leaders of Catholic and Islam got together in a conference room in a hotel in General Santos city. Subsequently, a speech was proceeded with regard to the conflict and peace of Mindanao in order of Femando R. Capalla, the representative of Catholic, ex-archbishop Mindanao Dabao, the representative of Islam, Esmael G. Mangudadatu, Mangwindanao, governor of Mindanao Islam autonomy and representative Lee Man Hee. In this place, representative Lee strongly reproached the leaders of both religions. He pointed out the reality that the religious people who believe in God raise conflicts by naming each other's words and held them responsible. Representative Lee's words, i.e. 'Now we must put down everything and realize peace. Was is not God's will was heard just like God's voice to the audience.

The residents of both sides and the leaders, who already felt that they could be the one through peace
Walkathon, could not refuse Lee's peace agreement proposal any more. Like this, after representative Lee's speech, the representatives of Catholic and Islam signed the end of war agreement world peace agreement which meant that they will work together with Mr. Lee Man Hee.

Man Hee Lee, A Korean who awakened, "War is not God's will"
The representatives of Catholic and
Islam signed the end of war agreement
world peace agreement which meant that
they will work together with Mr. Lee Man Hee.
The representatives of both sides and representative Lee made peace agreement that they will not raise conflict again between Catholic and Islam in front of God, the whole world, and around 150 participants.
And according to the news thereafter, the news of representative Lee's private peace agreement was delivered to the representative of the Philippines and Malaysia and became a catalyst of the official peace agreement.

When the peace agreement was made in Mindanao through representative Lee, the bishop of Mindanao parish said that "God answered the prayer for peace." Representative Lee also reveled himself as 'a messenger of peace' who received God's calling to realize peace and appealed to them to participate in the peace movement all together.

Still there is remaining vestige of conflict in Mindanao. However, the representative of women's group, who accompanied representative Lee, emphasized that "Conflict will completely end when this peace agreement was made by what means is conveyed to the whole Mindanao island." Mindanao, the land of conflict and death, where there was no hope just some time ago. In regard to the blooming of 'the flower of peace' in that place after 40 years, no other proper explanation can be found except the expression, 'God answered' the residents' prayer for peace, just as the bishop of Mindanao and representative Lee's words. We sincerely wish that the flower of peace in Mindanao, which bloomed as the fruit of such on time prayer and efforts, will not wither forever.

Monday, December 1, 2014


Islam's Advance Base, 'Mindanao'

This is the continuation of 'History of the Philippines' ~ ... ~

83% of Filipinos are Roman Catholic believers, 9% are Christian, and 5% are Muslims. Most of the people are Catholic believers, however the foreign religion which first arrived in the Philippines was Islam.
When the Malaysians settled down Mindanao, the Philippines, in the 14th century, Islam was propagated all over the Philippines. Islam in Mindanao is deep-rooted, as even most of the Muslim population of the Philippines reside in Mindanao. The population of Mindanao is about 22 million, 63% of them are Catholic and 32% are Muslim. Most of the Muslim reside in the southern part of Mindanao.

Conflict between Islam and Catholic in the Phillippines started since the 16th century when Spain started to colonized the Phillippines.

Among them, the natives of Mindanao who wanted to protect Islam resisted against the government which intended to propagate Catholic Since 1899, when the number of Christian rapidly increased due to the  donation of America, the natives of Mindanao experienced conflict with the Catholic and Christian as well. Here, when the Philippine government encouraged the residents of other region to immigrate to Mindanao since 1939, the conflict between the immigrants and the natives of Mindanao became more serious. Most of the immigrants were Catholic, and their language was different from that of the natives of Mindanao.

Bloody conflict of Zamboanga on Mindanao
The residents of Mindanao's struggle against the government, who have protected Islam from Catholic and Christianity for a long time headed towards bloody conflict. The point when the conflict was deepened to bloody conflict was when Nur Misuari, who was a politics lecturer at Philippine University, organized Moro National Liberation Front(MNLF) in the early 1970s. MNLF and Muslim armed groups have underwent struggles against the government, demanding Mindanao's separation and independence. Recently, Mindanao backed down insistence on separation and independence, however it has continued struggle, demanding expansion of autonomous right. Bloody conflict which has continued for over 40 years brought out a horrible result by depriving around 140,000 lives.

Like this, where peace could not come,......  coming soon^^