Saturday, November 15, 2014

World Peace beyond Korea

Dreaming of World Peace 
beyond Korea

Source:<Peace and Unification> Part, from Geulmaru

We all dream of reunification and peace beyond you and me, religions, societies, nations and ideologies.

Dissensions lead to disasters, but reunification and peace bring joy and happiness and we as human beings long for joy and happiness.

If one looks at books like Hwandangogi(a book that narrates the ancient history of Korea), ancient writings, and the classic texts, people peacefully lived in a paradise but they were scattered and started to fight due to their wrongdoings.

However their original nature is to pursue unity and peace and we have always yearned for peace.

There are many peace campaigns and demonstrations for reunification and peace. 

This blog( World of Love, Peace, Freedom) has decided to look closely at a person who advocated reunification and peace and his ideology.

To be continued next time ......