Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Peace advocate Man Hee Lee

Man Hee Lee,
Peace advocate
"To become one by peace is God's will" 

Peace advocate Man Hee Lee's homeland is the only divided country in the world.
He has worked with concern for peace of the Korean Peninsula.

Peace monuments stand on the east and west ends of Korea engraved with the Declaration of Reunification of Korea which he wrote in 2011. Man Hee Lee says, "I will go to America, China and North Korea for peace and the end of war in the end."

 World of  Love, Peace, Freedom

"The leaders of North and South Korea should meet in one place eventually." and he emphasized, "Korea will achieve the reunificaton by itself" in the press interview after a tour to Southeast Asia and Latin America.

The only divided country in the world- His call for peace may resonate stronger because he is from Korea.

Not only political leaders but also religious people in the world agree with Man Hee Lee's movement crying that religious people should become one through peace to end wars and for world peace.

Man Hee Lee explained human history is war history and the war broke out because of religion. He highlighted the fact that :the war is not God's will' to believers, the creator is one and the religion could be one under the principle of 'peace' and God's will is 'to make the religion to become one by peace'.

After listening to his talk, many religious figures from around the world are rushing to meet him in person.

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