Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lee Man Hee, Founder of HWPL

Lee Man Hee,
Founder of HWPL
"Let's Make a World without War"

Man Hee Lee, peace messenger  
The reason why he cannot stop working for peace

Man Hee Lee's peace movement has had extensive media coverage worldwide.

The result of the private peace treaty in Mindanao was reported to the Philippines and Malaysia through foreign press.

The Philippines' national broadcast PTV had a special interview with him for 20 minutes and assessed  "all Filipino should be grateful for Lee's achievement of the peace treaty".

After his leading role in the private peace treaty in Mindanao was reported.

▲ Man Hee Lee, at the Incheon airport ▲
Lee Man Hee was greeted by a flood of some 100 reporters at Incheon airport at home. Also domestic and foreign media reported actively his impressive record of singing  peace agreements with 12 current and former presidents of 10 countries after his return to South Korea in April.

Lee Man Hee calls himself a peace messenger following God's will. After seeing that Man Hee Lee brings real results wherever the goes, local people of conflict areas and regions suffering from civil wars are eagerly asking him to visit their country.

This is why he can't stop peace movement.