Thursday, November 20, 2014

Korean Food, Bean Curd

The Origin of Tofu(bean curd)
Today, I  will introduce about the origin of tofu(bean curd) is good for your health.

In ancient times, there lived a young spiritual practitioner, who attended an enlightened  master. The young practitioner cared for the needs of the enlightened master with great devotion, preparing meals for him, farming the land, gathering fruits from the mountains, and collection firewood.

By the time the enlightened master had reached the age of eighty, he could no longer eat properly because of his bad teeth.
The young practitioner's sole concern was to serve his master well, and seeing him unable to eat anything but porridge for several years, he grew perplexed. He began to wonder what he could do to provide his master with better food.

One day, instead of serving him porridge as usual, he served his teacher steamed rice that he had chewed beforehand. However, as he chewed the rice, its sweerness was lost, and he felt sorry that he could not give the rice to his master in its wholeness.

Again, he pondered on whether there was any nutritious food that his teacher would be anle to eat easily. He kniw that the soy bean was full of nutrition, so he noiled soy beans, pounded them up and pressed them together to create a soft and delicious food. The food he created was tofu, the health food which is popular today.

Eating tofu is very good for your health why tofu is low in fat and calories and tofu have a lot of calcium. Also eating tofu helps make your muscles stronger, because Tofu is a wonderful source of protein.
Enjoy Tofu for Your Health^.^*

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