Sunday, November 30, 2014

History of the Philippines

400 years's History of the Philippines,
Lost to Spin-America-Japan

Philippine Colonization
and Occupation
The Philippines became an actual independent nation only 68 years ago, in 1946. Colonization, which constantly continued since the 16th century, deprived the Philippines of its history and culture, and became the cause of dispute that the same race pointed guns at each other.

The history of the Philippines started to be known to the outside since it was found by Magellan(Ferdinand Magellan) of Spain in 1521. After Magellan's death, Spain started full-scale colonization, since it recognized the Philippines as the optimum trade base.
Spain colonized the Philippines fully 330 years.

In the 19th century, assembled nationalism of the Philippines was connected to the independence struggles against Spain, finally the Philippines declared independence from Spain in 1898. However, when America won the war between America-Spain in 1899, Spain transferred the Philippines to America.
Since then, American  Protestantism also was propagated in the Philippines.

Japanese army marching
under Japanese colonization
of the Philippines
Meanwhile, Japanese army ambushed the Pearl Harbor in 1941 without notice, and started to air-attack everywhere of the Philippines after hours.
Finally, Japanese army completely occupied Manila in Jaruary, 1942, and until 1945, the Philippines was dominated by Japan.

Japan justified domination over the Philippines in the name of ending white persons's domination over Asia, by claiming the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.
On July 4 in the nest year of 1945, when Japan was defeated, the Philippines finally was liberated from the foreign affectedness which continued for 4 centuries.